Meet the Board of Education

The Mt. Hood Community College District Board of Education consists of seven citizens of the school district, each of whom is elected for a four-year term. Board members serve without pay. Regular business meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month, in the Mt. Hood Community College Board Room.

DIANE C. NORIEGA - Board Chair
AT-LARGE, 2011-2015

DIANE C. NORIEGA - Board Chair, AT-LARGE, 2011-2015 Diane Noriega was elected to the MHCCD Board of Education in 2011 to a four-year term. She holds a PhD from the University of California, Santa Barbara as well as a MA from UC Davis and a BA from the University of California Santa Barbara. She is now the immediate past president of the Rotary Club of Gresham and serves on the MHCC Foundation Auction Committee. She was formerly a member of the Board of Trustees for the Monterey College of Law, Chairman of the Board for United Way of Monterey County and the Chair of the Literacy Campaign for Monterey County. Prior to moving to Oregon, she was interim president at California State University Monterey Bay, Provost and Academic Vice President Monterey Bay, Dean of the College of Education, Sacramento State University and Professor, California State University Monterey Bay. Diane services on the diversity committee of ACCT and is the liaison to the OCCA.

Diane Noriega may be reached by e-mail at

AT-LARGE, 2013-2015

PAUL F. CAPELL, AT-LARGE, 2013-2015 Paul Capell was appointed to the MHCCD Board on November 14, 2012, to fill the vacant at-large position. He was elected in 2013 to a four-year term. Paul holds a bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University, is the vice president of HDR Engineering, Inc. He has more than 30 years’ experience in the energy business sector in transmission and distribution design, business development, project delivery, asset management, infrastructure planning, construction, operations, emergency preparedness and utility field engineering.

Paul has a strong background in public service and has been a longtime supporter of MHCC and a Foundation board member since 2009. In Prineville, Ore., he served as mayor (1997-98), on city council and on the planning commission, and past president (2006-07) of the Central East Portland Rotary Club. Paul is the liaison to the OCCA.

ZONE 1, 2013-2017

SUSIE JONES, ZONE 1, 2013-2017 Susie Jones was elected to the MHCCD Board of Education in 2013 to a four-year term. She received both her BME and MM from University of Portland. She was an instructor of music at MHCC for 12 years, and prior to her appointments at MHCC, she taught for 9 years in the North Clackamas School District and 8 years in the David Douglas School District. She has served numerous years as president of the Mt. Hood Jazz Festival, producing that event in 2008, 2009 and 2013. She also serves on the writing team of NCCAS (National Coalition for Core Arts Standards), writing the next generation of national standards for the arts.

Susie Jones may be reached by e-mail at

ZONE 2, 2013-2017

JAMES ZORDICH, ZONE 2, 2013-2017 James Zordich was elected to a four-year term of the MHCC Board of Education representing Zone 2 in 2013. Mr. Zordich holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Industrial Education from California State University at Los Angeles. He is a Curator (Emeritus) at the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History, with a specialty in Technological History. He was also a president of the Horseless Carriage Club of America, and a member of the Southern California Historical Society Board of Directors. Jim is the liaison to the MHCC Foundation.

James Zordich may be reached at e-mail at

ZONE 3, 2014-2015

Todd Sloan was appointed to the board following the resignation of Maggie Nelson. Mr. Sloan is a former college board member and a former MHCC Foundation board member. Mr. Sloan was appointed by the district board to serve out the term held by Ms. Nelson.

Todd Sloan may be reached by e-mail at

Zone 4, 2013-2017

GEORGE ‘SONNY’ YELLOTT, Zone 4, 2013-2017 George ‘Sonny’ Yellott was elected to the MHCCD Board in 2013 to a four-year term. Mr. Yellott holds two Associate of Applied Science Degrees in Hotel Administration and Paralegal Science. He is a member of the Republican Central Committee and is a Precinct Committee Person and a House District Captain, HD 48. He is a member of the Oregon Citizens Lobby and an occasional contributor to Capitol Watch.

George ‘Sonny‘ Yellott may be reached by e-mail at

ZONE 5, 2011 – 2015

ROBERT W. COEN, ZONE 5, 2011 – 2015 Bob Coen was elected to the MHCCD Board of Education in 2011 to a four-year term. Bob holds a BA from Willamette University, is president of BCI Group, Inc and has a diverse background as an active adviser to a variety of businesses from printing and publishing companies, manufacturing and distribution firms to technology, retail and service providers. His past experience includes founding his own business, merging it with a larger organization and then acquiring other businesses and small companies to become what is now known as BCI Group, Inc. Bob is a former Board member of Edgefield Children’s Center and current board member of Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) and Oregon Children’s Development Commission nonprofit organizations. In addition to the above listed nonprofits, Bob is currently an active Board member and Board Adviser to several companies located throughout the Northwest.

Bob Coen may be reached by e-mail at
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