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Retail Management

Catalog Year 2014-2015

MHCC Faculty Adviser:
David Garlington: 503-491-7467 - Room AC 2687
or contact the Business Department: 503-491-7515

This is a 28- or 32-credit program that can be taken over two terms. The curriculum includes skills, knowledge and abilities that have been identified as essential for a retail management career. Upon successful completion, students receive a Retail Management Certificate. This certificate is endorsed by the Western Association of Food Chains,

The certificate incorporates eight core courses that provide basic business skills and knowledge required for successful retail management. The educational foundation includes communication, computation and computer skills. Adding to the foundation is a cluster of business, marketing, human resource, leadership and retailing courses. Together these courses provide a core to meet the immediate demands of business and retailing. This certificate can easily transfer into a two-year Associate of Applied Science degree in Business Management and beyond.

Program Outcomes
At the completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Define the different types of retail outlets and related principals for successful businesses
  • Demonstrate the ability to use the computer technology and information services for business related activities
  • Understand the principles and methods for effective management, supervision, and human resource functions
  • Demonstrate in practice a variety of interpersonal skills and leadership styles
  • Demonstrate the ability to solve mathematical problems commonly encountered in retail related business settings
  • Write effective retail and marketing communications using different styles for specific business situations

The Western Association of Food Chains,, endorses this certificate.

The following are the eight courses required in this certificate: Cr
BA131 Introduction to Business Computing1(Su/F/W/Sp) or
CIS120/L - Computer Concepts I
and CIS120L Lab-1(Su/F/W/Sp)
BA205 Business Communications1 (Su/F/W/Sp) 4
BA206 Management and Supervisory Fundamentals (F/W/Sp) 4
BA223 Principles of Marketing (Su/F/W/Sp) 4
BA224 Human Resources Management (W/Sp) 3
BA249 Retail Management (Sp) 3
BA285 Leadership and Human Relations (F/W/Sp) 3
MTH065 Beginning Algebra II1 (Su/F/W/Sp) 4
SP111 Fundamentals of Public Speaking (Su/F/W/Sp) 4
The following is a suggested two term curriculum.
First Quarter (Winter)
BA131 Introduction to Business Computing1or
CIS120/L - Computer Concepts I
and CIS120L Lab-1
BA206 Management and Supervisory Fundamentals 4
BA224 Human Resources Management 3
BA249 Retail Management 4
BA211 Principles of Accounting I2 (4)
Second Quarter (Spring)
BA205 Business Communications1 4
BA223 Principles of Marketing 4
BA285 Leadership and Human Relations 3
BA222 Finance1 or
BA213 Principles of Accounting III1, 2
  Total Credits 28-32

1Prerequisite for specific courses may not be required for individual students if you have equivalent industry experience. Make an appointment and meet with the faculty program adviser to discuss prerequisites. See course description.
2Students must take either BA222 or a combination of BA211 and BA213. BA211 is a prerequisite for BA213.

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