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Accounting AssistantBusiness Management: Accounting
Career Pathway Certificate of Completion

Catalog Year 2015-2016

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Students who want a career that provides continuous opportunities for growth and recognition will find the Accounting Assistant Career Pathways Certificate a great choice. This is a college entry-level certificate program consisting of two terms of accredited courses. Students with a limited amount of time or funds can get started right now in this practical, cost-effective program.

In this program, each term provides additional skills that will prepare students for entry-level positions. Skills from data entry, use of basic accounting systems, business terminology, payroll processing, technology and spreadsheets are just a few that prepare students for jobs. The longer students stay in the program, the more qualified they become to assume additional job responsibilities and be rewarded for performing even more challenging job responsibilities. Many students start the Accounting Assistant program and then decide they want to expand their knowledge and skills.

Program Outcomes
At the completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate skills in basic data entry and database management
  • Apply knowledge of basic accounting systems in business situations
  • Demonstrate knowledge of payroll processing, terminology and spreadsheets

Note: Students must earn a grade of “C” or better in all Accounting classes in order to be awarded this career pathway certificate of completion.

First Quarter (Winter)
Course Number
Course Title
BA101 Introduction to Business
BA131 Introduction to Business Computing1
BA211 Principles of Accounting I
Second Quarter (Spring)
Course Number
Course Title

Payroll Accounting and Payroll Tax Filing Requirements

BA228 Computer Accounting Applications
BT210ZEB Excell - Level II
Total Credits 19

The Accounting Assistant certificate program is not financial aid eligible.
1 Prerequisite: See course description in the back of this catalog.

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