• Career Exploration & Training

  • Sector Pathways Career Exploration:

    In this ten week class you’ll explore career possibilities through hands-on learning that focuses on four in-demand and high-growth job sectors. Sector Pathways offers field trips, guest speakers, monetary incentives (up to $25 a week) and math/reading support as it teaches students about: IT/Technology, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Infrastructure/ Construction.

    Focused Bridge Classes:

    Ready to take the next step in your career? Bridge classes are offered yearly and focus individually on the four career pathways outlined above. Participation in one of these classes includes a paid internship, as well as a certification that qualifies you for entry level positions in said career path. A HS Diploma/GED is required by the start date.

    Spring Healthcare Bridge

    This free class is for those who are interested in a career in Healthcare. This three term class offers a Hospital CPR certification (1 credit) that qualifies you for entry-level healthcare positions, a paid short-term internship that provides industry experience, and a Healthcare Career Essentials (3 credit) class that prepares you for continued training in the field or to enter the healthcare job market.

    Infrastructure/Construction Bridge

    This free class is for those who are interested in a career in Infrastructure. During this 11 week class you’ll gain experience pouring concrete, tiling, flooring, and siding and will earn a Bureau of Labor Industries Certificate (BOLI) that automatically makes you eligible for apprenticeship programs with local unions. You’ll earn $100 a week and learn how to transition into careers in the construction industry in this hands on course.

    MHCC Career Opportunities/Short-Term Trainings:

    • Let us connect you with the various programs MHCC offers in fields such as natural resources, healthcare, office occupations, automotive tech, welding, etc.

    Call the Main Office for more details.