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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Middle College Program?
The Middle College program is early college opportunity for qualifying high school juniors and seniors enrolled in participating school districts. MHCC staff work closely with the district and home high school to ensure high school diploma completion through dual-credit coursework while getting a significant head start on a college certificate or degree. Middle College students take a full-time (12 credit) college course load during Fall, Winter and Spring Terms. It is possible for students beginning the program in the Fall of their junior year to earn an Associate’s degree by the time of high school graduation or shortly thereafter, but are guaranteed to earn 72 college credits. You must be at least 16 years old to enroll in Middle College.

How do I know if Middle College is right for me?
Middle College is right for you if you are ready for the academic challenge of attending classes in a college setting while you are still in high school! Middle College students will be treated as college students by MHCC faculty and staff. Through this program, you will have the opportunity to get a significant head start on your college experience and explore potential career paths in a supportive, cohort-oriented environment while continuing to make progress towards the specific high school diploma requirements of your home high school.

Where does it take place?
Currently, the Middle College program and all classes are held at the MHCC Gresham Campus. Students have access to the multitude of resources and opportunities that MHCC offers by attending classes on campus full-time.

What is the cost of this program?
There is no cost directly to the student for participation in the Middle College program unless you choose to enroll in more than 12 credits or take classes with special fees. The sponsoring school district pays for tuition, fees and books up to 12 credits or specified dollar amount (i.e. $1320 per term plus books). Transportation to and from MHCC, meals and school supplies, however, are the responsibility of the student and his/her family.

How is credit at MHCC transferred back to my High School?
High school credit will be awarded for college credit earned. Many, but not all, college courses can qualify for high school credit. The breakdown of credit is:

1-2 college credits → .25 high school credit
3-4 college credits → .50 high school credit
5-6 college credits → 1.0 high school credit

What are the requirements to graduate from high school?
You and the Middle College adviser, with the help of your high school counselor, will develop an education plan that will identify the MHCC classes you will need to successfully complete to obtain the credits required to graduate from high school by the end of your senior year. You will meet your Personalized Learning Requirements through taking HD100 – College Success and HD110 – Career Exploration classes at MHCC with your Middle College cohort. You will also be expected to complete your Essential Skills and other state testing graduation requirements either before or during your time in the Middle College program.

What are the admissions requirements?
If your high school offers Middle College as an option, prospective students must be referred and approved by their home high school prior to enrollment at the College. Each high school determines specific admissions requirement, such as minimum GPA or being on track for graduation and state testing.

The general steps include:

  • Discussing Middle College as an option with your high school counselor during the year prior to enrolling in the program, ideally in Winter or early Spring
  • Complete application to the program (obtained from your counselor)
  • Apply for general admission to MHCC to create an ID number
  • Take the College Placement Test on campus or at your high school if available
  • Obtain a copy of your high school transcript
  • When your application has been evaluated you will be contacted regarding acceptance into the program. There will be an orientation in the Spring prior to starting the program in the following Fall term.

Are my parents involved?
Yes, you and your parents will need to attend an orientation session together to learn about the program and sign required paperwork. Parents are also welcome to attend your advising appointments each term, if you are accepted.

What grades are accepted for high school credit?
Once the student is enrolled at Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC), MHCC course grades A, B, or C, will be counted as eligible for high school credit. Grades of F, U, W and Incomplete will not be accepted. D grades may or may not be counted depending on your high school’s policies.

What grades are accepted for Mt. Hood Community College credit?
MHCC course grades A, B, or C will be counted as eligible toward MHCC certificates and degrees in courses numbered100 and above*. Grades of D may or may not apply depending on each certificate or degree requirements. Grades of F, U, W and Incomplete will not be accepted.

*Some professional/technical courses numbered 100 and above may not apply toward all certificates and degrees. See the MHCC college catalog for a complete listing of certificate and degree requirements. http://mhcc.edu/catalog/ 

What kinds of support will help me be successful in Middle College?
You will work closely with the Middle College adviser to update your education plan in advising meetings each term who will assist you with class selections, long term educational planning, graduation planning and registration. You will also have support classes and Middle College gatherings to network with other Middle College students on campus.

Students are also encouraged to use all MHCC resources such as the Advising and Transfer Center, the Learning Success Center, the Career Planning and Counseling Center, Disability Services Office, student activities, the library, computer labs and more!

Who should I contact for further information?
Contact your high school counselor or High School Services at 503-491-7421.

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