Lower Division College Transfer Courses Institutional Standards

High School Faculty Qualifications
Minimum standards for College Now lower division transfer (LDT) instructors for college transfer courses include the following:

  • A master’s degree with a major in the primary instructional assignment; or
  • A master’s degree in any related discipline and 24 quarter hours of graduate credit in the primary instructional assignment as determined by MHCC division dean; or
  • Currently enrolled in an appropriate graduate degree program with satisfactory completion of 24 quarter hours of graduate credit (requires president’s approval); or
  • Demonstrated and evaluated competency in the subject matter area acquired through specialized training, professional work experience, and relevant cultural or life experience. (Requires president’s approval.)

To Apply:

  • Complete the MHCC part-time faculty application form
  • Submit copies of college transcripts indicating graduate study in the appropriate field (photocopies are acceptable)
  • Return application materials to the HS+ Coordinator at Mt. Hood Community College


  • Participants must be at least 16 years old
  • Only high school students who plan to attend college should be enrolled in these courses. Participants should have demonstrated in prior coursework, the ability to pursue college-level courses

Academic Standards

  • High school course content must be approved by the MHCC instructional division prior to offering College Now credit
  • Class size should not exceed the MHCC limit (28-35 students)
  • Textbooks not identical to those used in MHCC classes must be reviewed by the MHCC division
  • For the college grade report, instructors should assign grades consistent with MHCC grades. To be awarded college credit, students must pass the course with a grade of C or better. Accordingly, it may be possible for a student to receive high school credit but no college credit

Collaborative Work
Collaboration between MHCC and College Now faculty is important to benefit students and teachers alike.

  • From time to time during the year, faculty should attend one another’s classes. On some occasions, MHCC and high school teachers may wish to bring their students together to work on common projects
  • College Now and MHCC faculty should meet to compare objectives and exchange information about ways to accomplish them. Such a general meeting will allow faculty to discuss their respective teaching experiences, seek resolutions to common problems, and exchange ideas
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