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Child Care Center Teacher

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Could working in a Child Care Center be your career pathway?

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Child Care Center Teacher

  • Do you like to help and teach young children?
  • Do you like to interact with children and families?
  • Would you like to learn effective observation, documentation and assessment skills?

If you say yes, then Child Development and Early Education could be your career pathway.

  • Gain training and education in child development, guidance, and practical experiences with young children
  • Promote learning environments to optimize children’s development
  • Develop positive relationships with families and community
  • Support Developmentally Appropriate Practices

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Child Care Center Teacher

Child care workers supervise, care for, and teach children in day-care programs. On a typical day, child care workers begin by meeting children as they arrive at the center. Then they direct children to an activity. Child care workers organize group activities such as games. They also supervise individual activities, such as finger painting. When parents pick up their children, child care workers talk to them about what happened that day.

The entire day is a learning opportunity for young children. Thus, even a simple activity such as coloring can be used to teach sharing skills. Child care workers teach children physical, emotional, intellectual, and social skills. They do this by leading a variety of activities. These include reading books, playing games, singing songs, and playing outside.

Child care workers also take care of children's physical needs. They help kids use the restroom and clean up afterward. Child care workers make sure that children eat and rest during the day. They prepare meals and snacks, feed the children, and clean up afterward. They also make sure that children get some exercise.

An additional responsibility for child care workers is caring for children's emotional needs. For example, they calm those who are upset. They also stop children from fighting and may discipline them. Child care workers watch children's developmental growth. If they see signs of emotional or other developmental problems, they discuss them with their supervisor. Child care workers keep records of children's developmental progress.

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Courses apply to the Child Development and Early Education Associate of Applied Science Degree

Meets the educational requirements for the position of teacher in a licensed child care center

Applicable to Level 8 certification of the Oregon Registry

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