Program Costs

Estimated Program Costs:
A student who is accepted into the Cosmetology program should expect the following expenses for required Text Books, Kits and Supplies at Approximate costs*

Fall or Spring Term COS110 & COS111
The following items must be purchased the first week of class  

Hair Design Kits (approximately) COS111

$ 1,430

Hair Design Textbooks COS110 & COS111


Winter or Summer Term – COS120 & COS121 or COS122 & COS123
The following Items must be purchased the first week of class  

Esthetics Kits

$ 200

Nail Technology Kits (Large and Small)


Esthetics Textbook


Nail Technology Textbook


Book #11 Textbook


Advanced Labs  

Hair Extension Kit for COS217

$ 200

Total Approximate cost for textbooks, kits and supplies


*These costs are subject to change without notice. This list is to give you an idea of costs in addition to tuition and fees in order for you to plan your financial needs.

Approximate Program Costs*

Cosmetology program textbooks, kits and supplies $ 2720
Cosmetology program tuition and fees for seven terms 14619
General Education tuition (Books, fees and supplies will be a variable expense.) 2081
Approximate program cost for in-state students (subject to change) $19,421

*These costs are subject to change without notice.

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