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Co-Admission Program

Eastern Oregon UniversityEastern Oregon University (EOU) at Mt. Hood Community College Campus and Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) are committed to serving a unique personal educational service. Two different seamless baccalaureate programs are available utilizing junior and senior level coursework through EOU. They include:

  1. Elementary Education(CUESTE)
  2. Business Administration

By transferring lower-division coursework (freshman and sophomore) from MHCC to EOU and becoming a co-admission student, these two programs provide the following advantages:

  1. All classes will be offered on the Mt. Hood Community College campus;
  2. Students may transfer as many as 120 credits (quarters/terms);
  3. Both programs compliment work schedules and family commitments;
  4. Personal advising by department faculty/advisors;
  5. Students may attend EOU and MHCC simultaneously;
  6. Least costly route to a baccalaureate degree, and/or a teaching license;
  7. Coordinated financial aid and scholarship opportunities;
  8. Expanded educational options by combining academic resources of two institutions;
  9. Combined library and technology privileges at both institutions.

Commencing your baccalaureate goals with MHCC, a solid academic foundation will be provided. With small class sizes, personal advising and instructing attention, class variety and lower tuition, MHCC will provide an excellent starting place.

EOU is accredited by Northwest Accreditation and recognized as one of seven Oregon University System institutions. Moreover, it is a national model for creating regional residential programs. The EOU site at MHCC is the university’s largest off-campus business administration program. The education program is also the university’s largest.

Gaining admission to EOU is an easy process. For example, while continuing to complete a two-year transfer degree such as an ASOT or AAOT, the co-admit process may be undertaken. Once being admitted to EOU, coursework may continue to be taken at MHCC to reach, but not exceed, 120 credits.
Meanwhile, the transfer process will include a transition from MHCC to EOU without loss of credits or time. The steps in this transfer process include contacting the appropriate EOU on-campus office. Elementary education is located in AC 3308A and the business program is located in 3318C. You can also call 5503-491-7332 for an advising appointment for Elementary Education or 503-491-7360 for an advising appointment for Business Administration. Please read the following additional steps.

  1. For the appointment, bring all other college and/or university UNOFFICIAL transcripts. These materials will be an important basis for an initial review;
  2. Following the review, the online application process will be provided;
  3. Complete the online application process first and then request OFFICIAL transcripts from other institutions to be sent directly to EOU (an advisor will provide actual materials for this activity);
  4. Once all materials have been submitted, the EOU Registrar will review them for OFFICIAL admission;
  5. Once admitted, students must attend at least one EOU course per year to remain an active student.


Business Administration Faculty/Advisors

Dr. Ted Takamura, Faculty,
Laurie Yates, Faculty and advisor,
Michael Pierce, Faculty and advisor,

Elementary Education Faculty/Advisors

Aimee Alexander-Shea, Associate Professor of Teacher Education and Program Leader,
Myranda Doering, Placement Coordinator,
John Knudson-Martin, Math 333 instruction,
Dr. Lee Ann McNerney, Core ED Faculty; ESOL Faculty,
Brandon Monroe, Reading Faculty,
Donna Rainboth, Science/Social Science Adjunct Faculty,
Matt Tweedale, Instructor; EOU Faculty Advisor,  

Staff Members

Ms. Debbie Kennedy, Business Administration Office Assistant,
Ms. Margie Webster, Elementary Education Office Assistant,  


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