Frequently Asked Questions about the Child Development & Early Education Program

  • What are my Career Options?
    A two-year degree in Child Development & Early Education prepares students for a variety of positions including preschool teacher, childcare center assistant, Head Start staff member, infant/toddler caregiver and nanny. With additional training students could head for a career as a public elementary school teacher, instructional assistant or center director. The course ECE 140 – Introduction to Early Childhood Education – provides many more details about the possibilities.

  • Certificate or 2-year Degree:
    Your decision may be influenced by a number of factors such as financial considerations, time limits, career goals, family or personal concerns and academic prowess. There are no universal right or wrong choices. You must decide which option is the better fit. In general, the certificate is most useful for those already employed in the field who want to upgrade their skills and for those with significant time or financial constraints. The AAS degree allows much greater employment flexibility as well as a transfer option. You can certainly change your mind – the certificate can easily be converted into the first year of the degree program.

  • Transfer:
    Although it may not be a current part of your plan, the prospect of being able to transfer and earn a baccalaureate degree is an option for many. Our articulation agreements with Portland State University (Child and Family Studies Program; www.pdx.edu/ssw/child-and-family-studies) and Southwestern Oregon University (Early Childhood Development; www.sou.edu/education/ecd/index.html) provides a smooth transfer option. Please consult with your advisor for details about which general education coursework will be most appropriate. Any student who wishes to transfer at some point must be careful to plan well in advance with your advisor.

  • When can I enter the CDEE Program?
    The CDEE program is open-entry - students can enter any term and take selected CDEE program classes. However, Fall enrollment will allow the most efficient path to your degree. Most CDEE courses are offered only one time per year, which means that if you are unable to take a class when it is offered, you must wait an entire year for it to be scheduled again. CDEE students must complete the 1st year courses before entering into their 2nd year. This will help ensure that each student has mastered the necessary content before moving on. Students whose schedules require taking courses out of sequence are likely to be at a disadvantage.

  • How do I qualify for Coop?
    Students must meet state licensing requirements for documentation before beginning their work with children, including the criminal history registry.

  • General Education Courses:
    Whether a student is pursuing a certificate or a 2-year degree general education classes are required as part of the degree completion. Refer to MHCC college catalog under “Certificate” or “Associate of Applied Science” degree (AAS) for specific general education requirements. It is imperative that each student meets with an advisor to review all program requirements, including general education courses.

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