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COURSE TITLE    Computer Applications in Engineering Technology
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COURSE DESCRIPTION: (for catalog) This course is designed to introduce the engineering student to the use of the computer and computational devices) to solve engineering problems, present data and format that information for ease of review. Specific topics covered include how a computer works, solving problems using programs, organizing data, and preparing reports, presentations, and/or proposals. Standard applications programs will be used to gain familiarity with how the computer can be used as an engineering tool. PREREQUISITE: Engineering Technology majors INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS REQUIRED OF STUDENT: (text, supplies, etc.) One 3.5 HD HD1.44 MEG Floppy Disk LIST THE PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES OR STUDENT LEARNING COMPETENCIES AS DESCRIBED IN THE INSTRUCTIONAL LEARNING SYSTEM FOR THIS COURSE: The student should be able to: 1. Describe the basic hardware components of a computer system such as: a) Central processing unit b) Monitor c) Keyboard and other input devices d) Printers, plotters and other output devices e) Storage devices, fixed and removable f) ROM and RAM memory 2. Describe what software is and other related terms such as: a) Application programs b) Operating systems c) System "boot up" d) Units of memory measurement; bit, byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte 3. Describe or perform fundamental operating system activities: a) Preparing disks to accept data b) File name syntax and file types c) File operations such as copying, renaming, and deleting d) Creation and organization of drive directories 4. Perform text manipulation operations using ASCII text editors and word processing programs: a) Create and edit ASCII text files b) Create and edit word processing documents c) Moving and copying text d) Justify, tab, indent, margins and other formatting operations e) Font, size, bold, underline and text appearance operations f) Creation of columns, tables and equations g) Saving, spell checking, and printing 5. Use spreadsheet application software to organize and format data: a) Menu system use and cursor movement b) Column widths and labels c) Input numerical textural and time related data d) Formulas and mathematical functions e) Copying, saving, and printing f) Creating graphs 6. Integrate data between software application programs which could include: a) Importing a graphic from CAD into a word processing document b) Import text created by word processing software into a CAD drawing c) Importing a spreadsheet or graph created with spreadsheet software into a word processing document GENERAL INSTRUCTIONAL METHODS: Students will be instructed with: 1. Lecture of new information and concepts 2. Demonstration of software use on a robotel display system 3. Hands on experience at computer workstations EVALUATION PROCESS: The students will be assessed on their ability to meet the following expectations of performance: 1. Completing lab assignments using the software described above to do the following types of tasks: a) Create a text file where the student describes hardware and software terms and concepts and definitions b) Create a batch file or DOS key macro to do a file manipulation operation c) Format a floppy disk and use it throughout the term to save work d) Create a resume and cover letter e) Create a memo that incorporates the use of tables and formulas to communicate engineering technology based information f) Create an index using text formatting, tabs and dot leaders g) Create a regional sales report on spreadsheet software h) Create interactive spreadsheets that combine variables such as unit pricing, quantities and areas to create a project estimate i) Create a time sheet quantifying and graphing time usage j) Create a CAD drawing using lines, circles, text and other entities to create a flow chart of a manufacturing process k) Create an engineering report or CAD drawing that integrates data from at least one other software application 2. Completing exams and quizzes that assess the students understanding of terminology and concepts and actual performance using the computer and software.
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