Engineering Technology

  • MHCC offers associate of applied science degrees in Architectural, Civil, Civil/Environmental and Mechanical Engineering Technology. All four of the Engineering Technology degrees are designed to put graduates to work after completion of two years of education. These graduates will be technicians who work along with and assist engineers, architects or other experienced professionals in industry.

    One-year certificates in Mechanical Technology are available for students completing the first year of the two-year program

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  • Civil Engineering Technology

    The field of civil engineering is the most visible of the Engineering Technology disciplines.

    Typical job titles for this degree include civil engineering technician, land surveying technician, design drafter, construction inspector and materials technician.

    Civil/Environmental Engineering Technology

    The Civil/Environmental Engineering Technology degree option will provide preparation that allows the civil engineering technician to support civil engineers in the environmental issues related to all areas of city, county and state infrastructure.

    Mechanical Engineering Technology

    Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) students find employment in many types of manufacturing thus creating a wide variety of job possibilities such as an engineering technician, drafter and CAD technician in light to heavy product design industries.

    Engineering Technology

    Engineering Technology degree is designed specifically for students seeking a two-year degree that equips them for entry-level technician jobs in the engineering field and prepares them for future advanced studies in engineering. Engineering technicians work in support of engineers completing drawings, contributing to design or overseeing manufacturing/construction processes.

    Engineering Transfer

    The Engineering Transfer curriculum offered at Mt. Hood Community College is designed to closely follow the pre-engineering program at regional universities and to meet the requirements for an Associate of Science degree from MHCC.