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booksThis site is meant to support the composition classes at MHCC and to provide grammar support for all students who need some assistance with their writing. This site supplements the MHCC Learning Assistance Center, which provides tutoring. Links to support services at MHCC and to additional grammar web sites of interest are listed below. Is English your second language (ESL)? We have links for you too!

Take the following links to pages specifically devoted to the subject area of your need. Each page has an explanation of the topic and a sample test you can take to build your skills and confidence.

A Brief Review of the Parts of Speech

Spelling (commonly confused words)

Plurals and Possessives (use of the apostrophe)

Subjects and Verbs

Prepositional Phrases

Run-on Sentences (Comma Splices)

Sentence Fragments


Subject/Verb and Pronoun Agreement


Further Resources:

Grammar Bytes!
This is an interesting, quirky site; its great usefulness is that you can download grammar handouts. It also has explanations and interactive quizzes with audio reinforcement (cool cow sounds, etc.) However, if you have a slow modem, all that gadgetry can slow down your progress through the site. But if you dote on bold graphics and colors, this site is for you.

Resources for ESL Students:

Self-Study Quizzes for ESL Students
This site has lots of quizzes for ESL students. The quizzes are rated as to their difficulty, which is helpful. What is especially nice is that the whole site is dedicated to ESL issues.

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