Housing Information

The Homestay Program

The Homestay Program is designed for students who want the experience of living with an American family. All families have been carefully selected and their homes are located near a bus stop. Students may choose between three types of homestays.

Classic Homestay - for students who want to fully experience life as part of a family

Your host family will provide you with a comfortable room, all meals when you are home, and supplies so you can pack your own lunch on school days. Mealtimes with your family are a great chance to use your English, talk about your new experiences and learn about the U.S. Cost: $600/month.

Bed and Breakfast Homestay - for students who want to be more independent, but still enjoy being part of an American family

Your host family will provide a self-serve breakfast each day, but you will need to shop for groceries on your own, and prepare your own lunches and dinners. You will be able to use the kitchen for cooking and have space to store your own groceries. Cost: $475/month.

Short Term Homestay - for students who plan to find their own housing, but want to spend their first month with a family

This homestay offers all the features of a Classic Homestay, plus an orientation packet with lots of information and suggestion about finding an apartment or shared housing in Portland. If, after a few weeks, you decide that you want to remain in a homestay, you may change to a Classic or Bed & Breakfast Homestay program for the term. Cost: $600/month.

In all of the above options the cost includes use of electricity, heat, laundry facilities in the home, and the family phone for local calls. To participate in a homestay you must send the homestay application along with the $200.00 placement fee at least 45 days prior to your arrival.

Apartments near MHCC

The college does not own or operate any housing, however we are pleased to be able to supply you with a list of apartment complexes near the college. In addition to this list we maintain a bulletin board in the College Center (room 1051) where information is posted pertaining to houses, roommates, and room and board situations.

It is important for you to know that MHCC has not made an inspection of any of the apartments listed, nor do we screen the information on our bulletin boards. You need to check the information listed and decide what best suits your needs.

We do offer some guidelines in apartment selection to help you make a wise choice:

  • Your first task is to calculate your personal budget. You may need to pay the first and the last month’s rent up front. Usually landlords charge a security deposit and other fees. Be sure to ask if utilities are included in the rent, or if are any other hidden fees.

  • All fees should be included in the contract. Make sure you get a copy of the written contract before you sign it and move in.

  • Inspect the apartment carefully. You are the one who is going to have to live in the apartment. You have a right to know. (Look in every corner of the building, check for bugs, open closets, drawers, refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, and make sure they are in working condition.)

  • How secure is the place? Are there window locks? Do the doors have bolt locks?

  • Check out the noise level, lighting, ventilation, and insulation.

  • Investigate the neighborhood. How close is the grocery store?

  • Be sure to see the apartment both by day and by night. The atmosphere of many apartments is very different in the evening compared with daytime hours.

  • The following rent prices are subject to change.
Apartment Listings One bed-room Two bed-room Three bed-room Pays Garbage/
Pool Deposit First/Last Distance to
Other info
The Groves 503-667-8300
3500 NE 17th, Gresham
$695-710 $820-875 $950-1050 Pays partly for water:
1bed.: $40
2 bed.: $50
3 bed.: $60
Yes Starts at $350 to  twice a month’s rent No Walk $35 app fee/Pets: 2 max. Some bred restrictions
East Wind Apts 503-665-2008
2950 NE 23rd, Gresham
$725 $825 $975 Yes No Starts at $300 to a month’s rent No 5 min walk  
Beaver Creek, 503-492-6106
26719 SE Stark, Troutdale
$875-900 None Water/Sewer:
1 bed.: $30
2 bed.: $35
No Starts at $300 and ranges from $700 to $1400 No Walk $40 app fee
Vista @ 23 Apartments
3181 NE 23rd ST Gresham, OR
$854-860 $1119-1131 $1182-1239 Water/Sewer
1 bed: $33
2 bed: $47
3 bed: $61
Yes/Spa $300-$700 No, pro-rate for move-in. 5-10 min walk $35 app fee, waived for students. Students receive 3% discount on rent. Pets welcome, $200 deposit.
 Campbell Park Apartments
2897 NE Rene ave Gresham
None $995 None No Pool and Fitness $100 approved credit No 15 min walk, 3 minute drive App fee $40, pets are allowed, wood-burning fireplace, new remodeled in select apt. Washer and dryer in unit.
Red Sunset Apts 503-665-2903
2400 NE Red Sunset Dr. Gresham
None $790-$800 None Garbage: Yes
Water/Sewer: Flat rate
No $300-$700 No 1 mile $40 app fee
$75/month for garage
Gresham Central Apts 503-669-9500
800 NE Roberts, Gresham
N/a $850 N/a Water $20-30 No $400 or up to a month’s rent (Depending on credit) A pro-rate if move-in in the middle of the month 2 miles Offers lease  ranging from 6, 9 and 12 months
 Sunpointe Apts  503-669-9093
23900 SE Stark, Gresham
None $925 None Water & Sewer- $45 Yes Varies
No 1 mile  
King Meadows  503-618-1705
2079 SW 257th, Troutdale
None $1130 None All for $25 No Starts at $300 No ½ mile No first timers
Garage: $85
Storage: $25
Highland Park   503-666-6611
24050 SE Stark, Gresham
$815 2x1: $850-900
2x2: $900-925
None No Yes $350 or up to a month’s rent No 3 blocks Studios: $575
Fireplace (some)
$42 app fee

Hampton Heights  503- 669-6592
496 SW 257th, Troutdale
None $900 None Yes No $400 up to a  month’s rent with $400 security deposit No 2 miles Washer/Dryer
$300 pets fee
Gresham Park   503-667-2984
850 NE Kane Rd, Gresham
None $850 $1050 Yes No Varies
with a month’s rent and security deposit
No 1 miles $80 Garage
Allows co-sign
Offers 1 year lease
Waives app fee for MHCC students
Highland View  503-661-8709
4725 W Powell,  Gresham
None Depends on unit location and upgrades None Garbage only No $300-$4000 with a month’s rent No 2 miles Washer/Dryer
$200 pets fee
Meyers Square   503-667-9161
2800 SE 1st   Gresham
$650 $750 None Sewer/Garbage:
1 bed.: $30
2 bed.: $40
Yes Depends on screening Month to a month and a half 1 miles Washer/Dryer (some)
Includes 1 assigned parking $40 app fee
Mt . Hood Meadows  503-667-6640
2350 SW 257th Dr. Troutdale
$775 $875-925 $1025 Garbage only Yes Half to a month’s rent (Depends on background check) No 1 mile Spa
Offers 9 month lease for MHCC students
Waverly Gardens   503-665-5558
20121 SE Stark, Portland
$725 $875 $1100 Garbage only
Basic Cable
Yes A month’s rent No 2 miles 24/7 onsite gym
Pets welcome
Mt. High Apts  503-667-7909
1930 SE 6th,  Gresham
$800 2x1: $900
2x2: $950
$1100 Garbage only Yes $400 No 2 miles Cable plug-ins
Hogan Woods  503-667-0545
1545 NE 20th, Gresham
$765+ $895+ $1125+ Yes, Free Comcast Cable Yes $350-$550 No Walk $50 app fee
Pets welcome
Covered Parking
$125 Garage
onsite gym
The Emerald Pointe Apts 503-816-4033,   1122 NE Kelly, Gresham Studio: $865
1x1: $896
2x1: $998
2x2: $1015
Second Location:
2x1: $947
Yes No Varies on income of applicant(s), plus security and pet fees No 2 miles Washer/Dryer
Chelsea Lane Apts   503-667-4415
1530 NE Cleveland, Gresham
None $725-785 $850-888 Yes No 200+ No 2 miles Cable
Halsey Heights    503-674-3672
700 SW Halsey   Troutdale
$700 2x1: $850
2x2: $900
$1000 1 bed.: $20
2 bed.: $25-$35
3 bed.: $40
No Security plus a month’s  rent and depending on credit No 2 miles $300 pets fee
$40 app fee
Fieldstone    503-666-1392
20650 NE Halsey   Fairview
$800-895 2x1: $850
2x2: $875
$1165-1295 Starts charging when renewal ends Yes, and  Spa $300 approved credit No 2 miles Washer/Dryer
24 hour gym
$100/ month for garages
$20/month for Storage
Includes 1 covered parking
Rockwood Station  503-666-6555
19100 SE Burnside   Gresham
$750 2x1.5: $850
2x2: $875
No Yes Yes $400 or full months rent No 3 miles Fireplace (Some)
Party room
$85 Garages
Royal Greens Apts  503-666-8422
2000 NE 19th  Gresham
None 2x1: $825
2x2: $850
3x2.5: Currently changing rates No (based on usage) 2x1: $413
2x2: $ 425
Half month’s rent, depending on credit No 1 mile Washer/Dryer (some)
Carports available
Golfside Apts  503-665-1043
242nd & Division
$675 + $30 for Water & Sewer $775 + $40 Water & Sewer No Yes Yes Starts from $800-$1500
(Depends on rental history, credit, background check and pet fee)
No 1 mile “Stacked” Washer/Dryer hookups
Bus line#20
Kelly Creek Apts 503-288-7368
2775 NE Division, Gresham
$695 None None Flat rate of $45 No Starts at $500 (Depending on screening) First – within 24 hours, plus security when move-in 1 mile Dishwasher
on site laundry
Carports available
Hood Center Apts 503-667-4501
1229 NE Hogan Pl, Gresham
Hood Center:
1 Bedroom: $630
At Brookside Plan:
1 bedroom: $665
2 bedroom: $815
3 bedroom: $950
At Kelly Green Plan:
1 bedroom: $650
2 Bedroom: $815
3 Bedroom: $950
Yes No Same as rent No 2 Miles Carport available for rent: $25
Elizabeth Anne 503-667-3477
250 SE Vista Ave, Gresham
$665-$680 $750 $875 Garbage only No ½ month rent to a month’s rent No 2.5 miles Studios: $625-$650
Duplexes: $1000 (offers garage, Washer/Dryer)
On site laundry
Private Balcony
Townfair Apartments
1167 NW Wallula Ave, Gresham
$775 2x1: $850
2x2:$ 885
None 1 bd - $30
2 bd,1 bth - $40
2 bd,2 bth - $45
Yes, and year round spa $500 to 1 months rent Second month is pro-rated 3.4 miles No pets, no smoking. $40 app fee, 1 covered parking spot, plenty of open parking! Fitness center.
Berry Ridge
2711 W Powell blvd, Gresham
$725 $825 No Paid by apt. complex. Yes $300 or equal to 1 months rent No, pro-rated 4 miles Pet friendly, $30 app fee, gym, low-income
Holly Ridge
2700 W Powell blvd, Gresham
$735-$775 $825-$980 $1015-$1030 No (based on usage) Yes (indoor and outdoor) $99 – depends on screening Pro-rate, 1st month 6 miles $35 app fee with $100 hold for apartment. If approved, the hold will transfer as a security deposit. Sauna, Fitness room, racket ball court, tennis court, hot tub.
Arbor Place Apartments
19550 E Burnside Portland
Studio- $750
1 bedroom- $655
$905 Call for info Call for info Call for info Depends on screening Pro-rate, 1 month 3 minute walk to max Onsite laundry, playground, section 8/first time renter Call for availability.
Parkside Apartments
2831 SE Palmquist Gresham
$900 2x1: $1000
2x2: $1150
$1265 Yes Yes Call for info. No 2.5 miles away  
Aspen Highlands
3604 SE Powell Valley Rd
$760 2x1: $910
2x2: $960
$1115 Yes Yes Depends on screening No 2 miles Screening charge $40 per adult
Pet rent $15
Pet deposit $400
2 per apartment
Cherry Ridge
2295 SW Sturges Ln
$625 $750 non Yes Yes Call for info No 2 miles No dogs allowed
Troutdale Terrace
639 SW 257th Ave
$735 2x1:$ 835-865
2x2: 875
$1000 Call for info Yes Call for info Call for info 2 miles away Pet deposit $400
Heatherwood $779-830 2x1:$930-950
2x2: $1000-1015
$1100-1125 Call for info Call for info Call for info Call for info 2.5 miles away  
Alpine Meadows
1717 SE Orient Dr.
$685-725 2x1: $830
2x2: $880
$1070 Call for info Yes (2) Call for info Call for info 2 miles away No pets allowed
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