AM122 :  Electrical 2/Engine Performance 1 Theory - Chrysler MCAP and IMPORT

This course is a continuation of the study of the principles of electricity including voltage, amperage, resistance, series circuits, parallel circuits, series-parallel circuits, Ohms law, induction and measuring techniques. In addition, students study the basic theory, function and application of electrical principles applied to lab oscilloscopes, electrical components, electronic computer-controlled devices, vehicle communication systems and occupant restraint systems. Emphasis is on applying Ohms law principles to electrical components and circuits and the use of digital multimeters. Students study the basic terminology, theory, function, service, repair, diagnostic and testing procedures related to modern passenger vehicle and light truck engine performance systems. Emphasis is on basic electronic fuel injection inputs, ignition systems and the relationship of engine mechanical components to engine performance.
Prerequisite: AM112 or instructor consent. Concurrent enrollment in AM123 or instructor consent is required.
Credit Hours: 6
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