ART205 :  History of Western Art: Medieval - Renaissance

This course provides an introduction to Western art, from c. 500 B.C.E to c. 1600 C.E., covering major European art periods. Studies include art and architecture of early Islamic and Medieval cultures, and the engineering marvels of the Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals. This course travels through the explosive Renaissance innovations in Italy and the northern regions of Flanders, Germany and the Netherlands. Studies conclude with the interpretive forms of Mannerism, a style of art driven by modern sensibilities. Instruction focuses primarily on painting, sculpture and graphics, and covers selected examples of architecture to introduce key principles and centers for each period. This course is designed for non-majors as well as art majors.
Prerequisite: RD090 and WR090, each with a grade of "C" or better; or placement above stated course levels.
Credit Hours: 4
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