Course Descriptions

ART273 :  Printmaking III

This is the third term in a three-course sequence in printmaking. Students continue to explore the rich visual potential in woodcut, working to perfect the Ukiyo-e carving technique of a thin raised black line. Students continue to express their ideas using silkscreen, intaglio and are introduced to stone lithography. The emphasis in Printmaking III is to begin a personal exploration of imagery and to choose an area of interest (thematic) within the scope of printmaking. Students build on their imagination, inventiveness and visual fluency. In addition, students explore the history of the print as an art form in a research paper on a subject complimentary to their chosen area of historic or contemporary art interest. Students blog regularly regarding class critiques using print and art terminology, processes and analysis of visual translation. Sequential.
Prerequisite: ART272 or instructor consent.
Credit Hours: 4
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