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Automotive Technology - IMPORT
Limited Entry
Associate of Applied Science Degree Program

Catalog Year 2013-2014* 

*Information regarding the requirements for this Limited Entry program is available by accessing the Admission Requirements page.

MHCC Faculty Adviser
Steve Michener: 503-491-7148 - Room IT 52

The Individualized Mechanical Program of Repair Technicians (IMPORT) provides students with a unique opportunity to gain experience while being trained as service technicians for independent and import manufacturers (Mazda, Nissan, BMW, VW, etc.). The program is designed as a two-year automotive curriculum to develop the technical competency and professionalism of the incoming dealership technician. The program is a two-part experience with training taking place at both Mt. Hood Community College and the dealership and/or independent auto repair facilities. The curriculum leads to an Associate of Applied Science degree in automotive technology.

Aimed at men and women who have a career interest in the automotive industry, this program demands a commitment to both work and study for a two-year period that could include fall, winter, spring and summer terms both years.

The IMPORT Student 

IMPORT dealerships see the students in this program as their "service technicians of the future." The instructional facilities are equipped with some of the finest and most up-to-date equipment available. Students have the assurance of industry support and certain employment options for the future. Being accepted to this program means learning the latest in automotive technology.

Program Outcomes

At the completion of this program, the student should be able to:

  • Demonstrate safe shop practices and hazardous material handling
  • Diagnose and repair automotive electrical systems as to NATEF Standard
  • Diagnose and repair automotive engine performance systems as to NATEF Standard
  • Diagnose and repair automotive emission systems as to NATEF Standard
  • Diagnose and repair automotive internal combustion engine systems as to NATEF Standard
  • Diagnose and repair automotive automatic transmission and transaxles systems as to NATEF Standard
  • Diagnose and repair automotive manual drive train and axles systems as to NATEF Standard
  • Diagnose and repair automotive brakes systems as to NATEF Standard
  • Diagnose and repair automotive steering and suspension systems as to NATEF Standard
  • Diagnose and repair automotive heating and air conditioning systems as to NATEF Standard
  • Perform minor vehicle services.

The Automotive Sponsor

Independent and import dealerships will screen qualified applications and select those they wish to sponsor. Once a student has been selected, he or she will begin working based on available student training positions1.

This program admits students every two years. The next application cycle will be for fall 2014 entry. Applicants to the program are accepted on a limited entry basis after meeting the selection criteria for the program. Applications are available on our website at Once you have read the application packet, if you have questions, please call 503-491-7256 or 503-491-7148.

First Quarter (Fall 2012)  Cr 
AM110  Internal Combustion Engine Theory 4
AM111  Internal Combustion Engine Lab 2
AM118  Electrical Systems Theory 4
AM119  Electrical Systems Lab 2
AM120  Minor Vehicle Services 2
MTH060  Beginning Algebra I 2  4
Second Quarter (Winter 2013)  Cr 
AM281  Automotive Dealership Experience I1  6
MTH065  Beginning Algebra II (or higher)3, 4  4
Third Quarter (Spring 2013)  Cr 
AM132  Automotive Electronics I Theory 4
AM133  Automotive Electronics I Lab 1
AM136  Brake Systems Theory 3
AM137  Brake Systems Lab 1
AM170  Automotive Project I 1
AM216  Engine Performance I Theory 4
AM217  Engine Performance I Lab 2
WR101  Workplace Communications I or
WR121 English Composition
Fourth Quarter (Summer 2013)  Cr 
AM282  Automotive Dealership Experience II1  6
Fifth Quarter (Fall 2013) 
AM251  Engine Performance II Theory 4
AM252  Engine Performance II Lab 3
AM253  Steering & Suspension Theory 3
AM254  Steering & Suspension Lab 1
AM256  Heating and Air Conditioning Theory 3
AM257  Heating and Air Conditioning Lab 1
  Health and Physical Education requirement‡ 3
Sixth Quarter (Winter 2014)  Cr 
AM283  Automotive Dealership Experience III1  6
Seventh Quarter (Spring 2014) 
AM152  Automatic Transmission Theory 4
AM153  Automatic Transmission Lab 3
AM156  Power Train Theory 3
AM157  Power Train Lab 1
AM258  Automotive Electronics II Theory 3
AM259  Automotive Electronics II Lab 1
AM270  Automotive Project II 1

Psychology of Human Relations or
Human Relations requirement

Eighth Quarter (Summer 2014) 
AM284  Automotive Dealership Experience IV1  6
  Total Credits  102-104 

1 Based on availability of sponsorship or repair facility
2 Students who placed into MTH065 or higher do not need to complete MTH060 but should instead take MTH065 or higher first quarter.
3 Required only if MTH065 was not completed first quarter.
4 Students may not use demonstrated proficiency on the College Placement Test (CPT) to satisfy this requirement.

‡ See pages 20 in the printed catalog.

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