• List of Inactive Clubs and Organizations

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    Questions? Contact Juan Perez-Torres at Juan.Perez-Torres@mhcc.edu or Doctor Abio Ayeliya at 503-491-6023 or Doctor.AbioAyeliya@mhcc.edu.

    American Association of University Women (AAUW) Club:

    The purpose of this club is to inform present and future students about the resources and support offered by the National AAUW organization. We will do this by empowering women, representing women's equality while providing opportunities by networking with the MHCC community. We will plan together events by organizing activities and projects with MHCC students, ASG/SAB while collaborating with the local Gresham Area Branch of AAUW. Email: AAUW@mhcc.edu

    Agnostics Club:

    Agnostic Saints will explore and advocate for both conventional and unconventional avenues of philosophy pertaining to agnosticism. Agnostic: one who is not committed to believe in either the existence or the nonexistence of God.

    American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE):

    The ASSE will promote the advancement of the safety education and foster the professional well-being and development of its members within the campus and community. Email: ASSE@mhcc.edu

    Asian Cultures Appreciation:

    To recognize and encourage people from different nationalities to share their heritage and learn about different cultures.

    Black Student Union (BSU):

    To connect with other students of African-American, African, Caribbean descent, or any other student of color. This club will also raise awareness of services/resources on campus and try to increase attendance of students of color to MHCC. Email: BSU@mhcc.edu

    Broadcast Interest Group (RIG):

    To assemble a group of students interested in radio broadcasting to promote MHCC and its radio program.

    Bradypus Running Society:

    To construct an organization for students to endeavor in running activities such as 5Ks, 10ks, half marathons, marathons, short and long distance relay races and group practice runs. Also to get people motivated to maintain a high fitness level and to socially interact with peers of the same interest.

    Campus Crusade for Christ:

    The Campus Crusade for Christ serves as a spiritual resource for students by providing Bible studies, prayer, discipleship retreats and fellowship activities.

    Computer Information Systems (CIS):

    Computer Information Systems brings MHCC students together to promote practical knowledge and use of the Linux operating system and applications.

    Disc Sports Club:

    The purpose of this club is to create a recreational Disc Golfer/Ultimate Frisbee group to help further the disc sports community in the area and on campus. We will help with the upkeep of local courses and push to develop a course on campus. Above all, we will strive to further our leadership development, social networks and diversity and, of course, have fun doing it. Email: disc.sports@mhcc.edu

    English Conversation Club (ECC):

    The purpose of the ECC is to help non-native English speaking students practice their listening and speaking skills in order to gain confidence to attend College classes. The club will include games, educational activities/contests, and social events. Email: ECC@mhcc.edu

    Hospitality & Tourism Club (formerly known as T.H.E.R.E. Club):

    To provide a place of support for students interested in tourism, hospitality, eco-tourism and recreations. Email: htr@mhcc.edu

    Hotel, Tourism, & Restaurant Club (HTR):

    To develop the ability of students to plan together, organize and carry out worthy activities and projects through the use of the democratic process. Email: HTR@mhcc.edu


    Mt. Hood Community College Equal Rights Alliance Club.

    Navigators Club:

    To biblically represent Jesus Christ on the MHCC campus through the evangelizing of non-Christian students and through the edifying of Christian students. Email: navigators@mhcc.edu

    Physical Therapists Assistance Club:

    To purpose of the MHCC PTA is to be exposed to Physical Therapy and related fields. Also to provide opportunity for social interaction among faculty, students, and others interested in the PTA program.

    Printmakers Club:

    To provide an extracurricular activity for MHCC students, staff and MHCC alumni who enjoy printmaking workshops activities and to promote and organize printmaking workshops and activities.

    Psychology Club:

    To provide a means for Psychology majors and students interested in psychology to gain more information regarding the different career paths within Psychology, as well as transfer programs and graduate schools. Email: psychology.club@mhcc.edu

    Rho Beta Chi (Radio Club):

    To assemble a group of people interested in broadcast communications and to promote Mt. Hood community College and the Radio Broadcasting program.


    Spectrum is a social, political, and support group which provides a wide variety of events & entertainment for students and staff of all sexual orientations. Email: spectrum@mhcc.edu

    Student American Dental Hygienists Association (SADHA):

    The purpose shall be to cultivate, promote, and sustain the art and science of dental hygiene.

    Students for Environmental Justice:

    To empower students to make a positive change in their communities, teach grassroots organizing methods in order to combat global warming and other environmental catastrophes expand the democratic space at MHCC and advance the dialogue of major environmental issues.

    Student Surgical Technologist Associated Team (SSTAT):

    To provide opportunities for social interaction among faculty, students, and others interested in the Surgical Technology program. Email: SSTAT@mhcc.edu

    Surge Club:

    We seek to help students develop a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. The purpose of SURGE is to create an environment for students at MHCC that are interested in growing in their faith, or exploring Christianity. We represent the Pentecostal tenant of Christianity. We believe that the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit such as speaking in tongues, prophecy, and healing are active today. Email: surge.club@mhcc.edu

    Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts Club:

    The purpose is to sponsor a competitive martial arts team and acquire a general, versatile knowledge of the martial arts through lectures, demonstrations, etc.

    TRiO Club:

    The purpose of the TRIO Club is to serve MHCC students through supporting and mentoring towards college success by engaging in community service while advancing cultural awareness. Email: trio.club@mhcc.edu

    Club meetings: Fridays, 11am-noon, in the Diversity Resource Center (AC1050).

    Troublesome Movement:

    To encourage and provide students with opportunities to explore political subjects they are passionate about and do community service aimed at poor, minority, and underprivileged populations. Email: troublesomemovement.club@mhcc.edu

    Tuatha Dé Gliocas (Pagan Club):

    To establish a group that accepts all “old religions”, in specific reference to Pagan/alternative religions, and to give them a safe, friendly environment to make friends and establish “sacred space”. To educate and promote positive images of “old religions”, in specific reference to Pagan/alternative religions. To respect all religious values in our actions as an organization.

    Email: paganclu@mhcc.edu
    Club Meetings: Tuesdays, 5pm-6pm in Room AC 1252