Integrated Media Program

Integrated Media is an Associate of Applied Science degree program that leverages decades of faculty experience, state of the art facilities, and an emphasis on digital media for the Creative Services industry. The Integrated Media Program features a shared core of digital skills across the disciplines of Photography, Graphic Design, Broadcasting and Video.

MHCC's Integrated Media Program is a unique opportunity to explore a broad array of digital media training. The creative industry expects its workers to do more, and do it faster — and more effectively. Employees with solid digital skills are in high demand in the Portland Metro area. Classes are small, focused and rigorous. Students move quickly through the progression of courses, each term building on the skills gained in the previous term.

This program is starts only in the Fall term each year. Follow this simple 3-step process to register for Fall term when registration begins later in May.

  1. Have a current student record on file.

  2. Meet the minimum proficiencies in reading, writing and mathematics which can be satisfied by placement into MTH60, WR115 and RD115 on the MHCC College Placement Test (CPT) or by completing MTH20, WR90 and RD90 (or equivalent transfer courses demonstrated through official transcripts on file at MHCC).

    For information about the College Placement Test, call 503-491-7678. There is no charge. The test is administered by computer, takes about an hour, and you'll know your results immediately.

  3. Select one of these four options: Broadcasting, Graphic Design, Photography or Video:

    Broadcasting students will register for RB150 and J216 plus any section of IM120, IM121, IM122, IM123, IM124 and IM178. (14 credits)

    Graphic Design students will register for GD150 plus any section of IM120, IM121, IM122, IM123, IM124 and IM178.(14 credits)

    Photography students will register for IM150 plus any section of IM120, IM121, IM122, IM123, IM124 andIM178. (14 credits)

    Video students will register for TV150 plus any section of IM120, IM121, IM122, IM123, IM124 and IM178. (14 credits)

Team Work
Because businesses increasingly require content creators from each discipline to work in collaboration, Integrated Media offers courses in which students from different options work in teams on projects requiring varying areas of specialization. Students work across traditional boundaries, achieving fluency in multiple design settings and applications. They learn to conceptualize, plan, build and promote products/projects in digital media that incorporate sound, video, photography, lighting, acting, script writing, animation and design.

Real World Experience
Second-year students participate in a three-term sequence of collaborative courses that form an applied studio simulation that realistically produces creative solutions for clients at the college and for non-profit agencies in the Portland area. Students will graduate with portfolios and/or reels that demonstrate skills for entry-level creative services positions, the business knowledge to build a freelance career, and a firm understanding of the entire creative process.

Industry Standard Technology
Because we recognize that computer technology skills are very important for seeking employment in today's market, the MHCC Integrated Media program trains to the industry standard Adobe Creative Suite software: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, Premiere, Audition, After Effects and Lightroom as well as other premiere applications such as ProTools. We have six production and teaching labs equipped with the latest Macintosh computers and software. We develop projects that require close collaboration with students in each of the option areas and incorporate graphics, audio, video and still images.

Digital Emphasis
While students are not expected to have any previous specific software experience coming into the Integrated Media program, they should be very comfortable working with a computer, have good keyboarding and mouse skills, the capacity to follow directions and the willingness to learn new software programs. We'll go fast and furious through the various software programs. Novice computer users may find this program too challenging.* Students should be able to comfortably work at a computer for up to 10 hours a day. Students accepted into the program should be prepared to have significant daily access to a computer connected to the Internet.

* For concerns about computer aptitude or skill level, please meet with an Integrated Media Advisor, listed below.

Broad Training
In the Integrated Media program, students will be learning about ALL digital media relating to moving and still images, sound and design. Our curriculum has been developed to expose students to all areas of the creative services to maximize our graduate's future employment options. This program of study may not be suitable for students interested in a narrow focus or specializing in only a single area.

Program Start
Students are begin the Integrated Media curriculum in the fall term only. Transfer students must meet with an Integrated Media faculty advisor to discuss the possibility of starting in winter or spring terms. There may not be space available to accommodate transfer students.

Efficient Scheduling
So that students may easily plan their schedule for the two-year program, the core Integrated Media and option courses (three per term) will follow this format for the 2014-15 academic year: First-year courses are on Monday - Wednesday - Friday only while second-year courses are on Tuesday - Thursday. Classes generally start at 9 am and continue through 5 or 6 pm.

Employment Outlook
Employers favor those who have excellent technical skills as well as the professional behavior to work effectively in teams and independently. Today’s creative worker needs to be able to function beyond the boundaries of a single discipline and is often called upon to contribute in a variety of media. Portland’s demand for creative workers is supported by well-known international firms such as Nike, Adidas, Wieden+Kennedy, Laika, and Columbia Sportswear. Many graduates find that freelancing (contract work) offers higher pay and more flexibility than being a full time employee.

Job Titles
Graduates of the Integrated Media AAS degree will qualify for positions such as:

Digital Imaging Specialist
Digital Producer
Photo Assistant
Web Production Artist
Multimedia Designer
Camera Operator
Production Assistant
Assistant Editor
Video Editor
Broadcast Presenter
Program Director
Operations Manager
Studio Assistant
Disc Jockey
Advertising Copywriter
Sound Designer for Film and Multimedia
Web Designer
Multimedia or Interactive Designer
Junior Graphic Designer
Publication Designer
Digital Pre-press Operator
Graphic Design Assistant

Admissions Requirements
Integrated Media is an “Open Entry Fall Term Start Only” program.

Students must have a current record on file and meet the minimum proficiency level in reading, writing and mathematics. Proficiency can be satisfied by placement into MTH60, WR115 and RD115 on the MHCC College Placement Test (CPT) or by completion of MTH20, WR90 and RD90 (or equivalent transfer courses demonstrated through official transcripts on file at MHCC).

Call 503-491-7678 for information about taking the College Placement Test.

New students can start Integrated Media only once a year in the Fall term. Students may register on a first come, first served basis for Fall 2014 starting late May 2014 when the open registration period begins. Wait lists will be established for each option as the courses fill to capacity.

Requirement for first year students continuing into winter term
First year students must have the consent of their IM Program Advisor and meet the proficiencies of the program classes to continue into the winter term Integrated Media courses. Students will be provided with clear performance expectations when classes start in September.

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