Welding Technology - Certified Welder Certificate Application 2015-2016

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Prerequisite Requirements:
As described in the Application Guide, students must show proof of academic preparedness by one of the following methods below. If you do not meet all of the criteria specified, you are not eligible to apply into the program at this time.

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For coursework not completed at MHCC, mail official transcripts to: Mt. Hood Community College, Admissions and Records, 26000 SE Stark Street, Gresham OR 97030.

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I understand this program is not financial aid eligible. However, the related one-year certificate, Welding Technology, and two-year degree program, Integrated Metals Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree, are aid eligible. All courses in the Welding Technology – Certified Welder (Evening) program are applicable to the related certificate and degree programs that are aid eligible.
I understand that all application notifications are sent via email. It is my responsibility to set my ‘spam filter’ system to accept email addresses containing @mhcc.edu even if I am currently receiving emails from MHCC. MHCC is not responsible for notices which are not received due to spam or junk mail handling.
I understand that, if accepted into the Integrated Metals Program, I must confirm my acceptance by responding to the acceptance letter within the specified timeline indicated in the letter. Failure to respond will result in my seat given to the next qualified applicant.
I understand that, if admitted into the Integrated Metals Program, I must register for program classes by the date specified in my acceptance letter. Failure to register by the stated date will result in my seat given to the next qualified applicant.
By checking the box below, I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to ensure all items are received by the Admissions, Registration and Records Office. I understand that limited entry programs are filled on a space available basis. Applicants are accepted upon meeting the minimum criteria on a first completed, first accepted basis. Furthermore, I have read and understand the admission requirements and procedures for applying. I understand that withholding information or giving untruthful answers to questions on this application could be cause for non-acceptance or dismissal from the program.

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