Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education - 2015-2016

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Minimum Skills Proficiency:
As described in the Prerequisite, students must show proof of academic preparedness by one of the following methods below. If you do not meet all of the criteria specified, you are not eligible to apply into the program at this time.

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Completion of:

For coursework not completed at MHCC, mail official transcripts to: Mt. Hood Community College, Admissions and Records, 26000 SE Stark Street, Gresham OR 97030.

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WLEE Student Expectations and Code of Conduct:
Mt. Hood Community College seeks students who are motivated to learn outdoor skills and develop leadership, are in good health, physically and emotionally, and are socially responsible.

All WLEE students will abide by the Student Code of Conduct as outlined by Mt. Hood Community College Student Handbook.

Type your initials in the text box next to each statement below to indicate that you have read and consent to all the requirements of the Code and Conduct. You understand what is expected of you and you look forward to the challenges you will face in the WLEE program.
Physical Demands: It is important to understand the mental and physical demands of the WLEE program. Students of the WLEE program must be physically and mentally able to cope with the rigors of the curriculum and the demanding nature of the profession. Students should be able to perform several physical tasks including swimming 100 yards, lifting 50 pounds, hike for up to eight hours a day over a distance of 10-15 miles a day, and have the ability to live and perform in a variety of environments. Physical demands on the students may include carrying a backpack weighing between 50 - 85 pounds over uneven terrain such as snow, rocks, boulders, fallen logs, or slippery surfaces as well as ascending and descending steep mountain slopes. Elevations for field outings range from sea level to 14,000 feet. Physical demands of sea kayaking and river courses require paddling heavily loaded kayaks, canoes or rafts and lifting and carrying boats over uneven terrain.
Living conditions: While participating on WLEE field outings, students will sleep outdoors, experience long physically demanding days, set up their own camp and prepare their own meals. Each student is expected to take good care of him or herself.
Weather conditions: Weather can be extreme depending on the field outing and time of year. Temperatures may be extremely cold (-10°F) or extremely hot (+100°F). Prolonged storms, rain, snow, high winds, intense sunlight, sudden immersion in cold water and/or high seas are possible.
Field Outings: In order to deliver the best possible training and education, many of the classes have mandatory field outings. These field outings occur over weekends, holidays, and spring break. Attendance on these field outings reflect heavily on your grade and overall success in the program. Students can estimate 6 – 8 weekends per term in the field.
Honesty: As students and leaders in the WLEE program we are required to be honest. This is not only about telling and displaying the truth, but also about being honest with ourselves, fellow students, and instructors about everything from our fears to the actions of others.
Safety: The WLEE program consist of many high risk activities and risk is at the heart of everything we do in the program. We as outdoor leaders do what we can to control the risks without losing the essence of the activity. It is our responsibility to be aware of safety issues and do our best to control and mitigate as many of these as possible. It is unreasonable to assume that an instructor will see all hazards all the time and thus it is the responsibility of all team members to recognize and vocalize hazards to the team. Members of the team must voice concerns and safety issues by appropriate means regardless of the situation. In order to truly be as safe as possible, team members must be honest with themselves in regards to abilities and needs and must be confident that other team members will exercise good expedition behavior when concerns are voiced.
Leadership: As students of the WLEE program you are expected to take on the role of a leader regardless of the situation. This does not mean that you will be actively leading all the time, but as a leader you should always be willing to help others who need it and you must aspire to lead by example.

Performance and Assignments: As students of the WLEE program and as future outdoor leaders, you are held to a higher standard. You should strive to put 110% into everything you do. This can be shown by:

  • Being on time for class and field outings
  • Being prepared for presentations, assignments, field outings, and projects
  • Producing professional looking presentations, homework and projects
Professionalism: As future leaders in the outdoor industry, you are expected to act as a professional. Students and clients will be putting their lives in your hands and you must step up to the responsibility. As a student in the WLEE program, you will be expected to display professionalism at all times. Professionalism is displayed by using sound and safe principles in the outdoors, abiding by rules and regulations, and helping out in the outdoor industry.

Enthusiasm: Regardless of class, time or day, you as an outdoor leader should strive to be enthusiastic and positive. It's ten below zero, visibility is four inches and wind-driven hailstones are embedded in your face. Must you mention it? Do you think your friends haven't noticed the weather? Make a suggestion. Tell a joke. Do not lodge a complaint.

This does not mean that you need to be energetic and perky at every turn; it simply means that you need to keep a positive attitude and try as hard as you can. It is critical to remember that all team members have a place and can contribute in a positive manner all the time.

Respect: We must all demonstrate respect to fellow students, instructors, guest speakers, land agencies and anyone we come in contact with. This respect can be displayed as:

  • Tolerance of each other’s habits or annoying traits
  • Respect for different cultures and beliefs
  • Respect equipment and the environment
  • Be polite and courteous

Drugs, Alcohol and Acts of Violence: Students understand that instructors have the right to search personal belongings at any time during a class and have the right to seize any items in violation of policy or deemed unsafe. Instructors may also destroy any items seized as appropriate to the situation. Accepted students consent and agree to a search of personal belongings for prohibited items or substance and to seizure and destruction if any such items are found.

All illegal drugs, alcohol, improper use of any controlled substance and acts of violence are strictly prohibited on any and all WLEE classes or programs. Any violation of this policy will result in automatic failure of class, immediate removal from the class at the student’s expense, possible expulsion from the WLEE program and/or legal action.

Type your initials in the text box next to each statement below to indicate that you have read and understand each statement .

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I understand that, if accepted into the WLEE program, I must confirm my acceptance by responding to the acceptance letter within the specified timeline indicated in the letter. Failure to respond will result in my seat given to the next qualified applicant.

I understand that, if admitted into the WLEE program, I must register for program classes by June 1, 2015 unless specified otherwise in my acceptance letter. Failure to register by the stated date will result in my seat given to the next qualified applicant.

By checking the box below, I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to ensure all items are received by the Admissions, Registration and Records Office. I understand that limited entry programs are filled on a space available basis. Applicants are accepted upon meeting the minimum criteria on a first completed, first accepted basis. Furthermore, I have read and understand the admission requirements and procedures for applying. I understand that withholding information or giving untruthful answers to questions on this application could be cause for non-acceptance or dismissal from the program.
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