Mathematics Department



  • Every motivated student can experience success in learning mathematics.
  • Students learn best in context -- that is, when they can relate what they are learning to life experiences.
  • Students should be given the opportunity to understand concepts (rather than just master techniques) in order to transfer knowledge.
  • Students better retain knowledge if they participate in its discovery and application.
  • Students should have access to appropriate calculators and other technology to empower them in their learning.
  • Students' use of technology in learning mathematics enhances their technological literacy and reflects the use of technology in society.
  • All learning styles should be considered in teaching mathematics, and evaluation of student performance should accommodate diversity.
  • Learning and appreciating mathematics is a life-long experience.
  • Incorporating team learning experiences in education develops team skills enabling students to effectively participate in collaborative endeavors.
  • Interactive Mathematics is instrumental to the success of 21st century education reform.


The MHCC Mathematics Department is committed to meeting the diverse educational needs of MHCC students with their multicultural perspective, individual learning styles, and distinct career goals.

The MHCC Mathematics Department will provide students with the opportunity to develop the skills and ability to problem solve and communicate in an ever-changing technological society.

The MHCC Mathematics Department will encourage and inspire the spirit of exploration, will focus on conceptual understanding, and will emphasize the relevance of mathematics to each student's experience.

The MHCC Mathematics Department is committed to educational reform as set forth by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges, the Oregon Educational Act for the 21st Century, National Education Goals, and the Labor Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills.

The MHCC Mathematics Department will collaborate with other departments, educational institutions, organizations, businesses, and industries to best educate students and the community and to be responsive to the realities and the demands of a dynamic world.

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