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Medical Office Specialist - Management
Associate of Applied Science Degree Program

Catalog Year 2013- 2014

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Medical Office Specialist
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A Medical Office Specialist in Management prepares to oversee a healthcare facility by learning how to lead people and manage office operations. The Management Specialist most often aspires to eventually manage some segment of a medical organization.

Students interested in management work in a medical setting should enjoy working with healthcare professionals, demonstrate strong communication skills, show an interest in medical and health issues, and be dedicated to professionalism. Students should have typing competency and basic formatting knowledge before enrolling in classes in this program.

Upon graduation students may be hired to work in physicians’ offices, public and private hospitals, teaching hospitals, clinics, laboratories, insurance companies, and governmental facilities.

Program Outcomes
At the completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Discuss the roles of the healthcare team members, elements of successful leadership, and problem-solving strategies
  • Describe medical terminology, including disease processes and pharmacology
  • Differentiate verbal and nonverbal communication, including gender differences, cultural awareness and sensitivity, and the elements of speaking and listening
  • Describe the management principles required in a medical office
  • Compare and contrast the billing and coding elements
  • Complete a professional resume
  • Describe job searches and correct interview techniques.

Please check the MHCC website for any curricular changes that have occurred since the catalog was published.

First Quarter (Fall) Credits
MO110 Powerful Strategies for the Office Team 4
MO114 Medical Terminology I 3
MO230 Medical Coding I - ICD-10-CM 3
BT116 Communication Technologies 3
WR121 English Composition1 4
Second Quarter (Winter)
MO115 Medical Terminology II 3
MO116 Medical Office Procedures 4
MO231 Medical Coding II - Procedural Coding 4
MO240 Medical Office Billing I 3
BT118 Records and Information Management 3
CIS120L Computer Concepts Lab I 1
Third Quarter (Spring)
MO120 Introduction to Medical Transcription1 3
MO212 Diversity and Healthcare 3
MO232 Medical Coding III - Evaluation and Management 3
MO241 Medical Office Billing II 3
BA205 Business Communications 4
HPE295 Health and Fitness for Life 3
Fourth Quarter (Summer)
MO242 Applied Billing and Coding 3
Fifth Quarter (Fall)
MO125 Disease Processes 3
BI100 Survey of Body Systems
or a Human Anatomy and Physiology sequence 1,2
MTH065 Beginning Algebra II (or higher)1,3 4
PSY201 General Psychology 4
Sixth Quarter (Winter)
MO214 Building a Professional Portfolio 1
MO250 Medical Law and Ethics 3
BA206 Management and Supervisory Fundamentals 4
BA226 Introduction to Business Law 4
BT125 Microsoft Word Training1 3
Seventh Quarter (Spring)
MO117 Hospital Administrative Procedures 4
MO123 Pharmacology for Medical Office Occupations 3
BA211 Principles of Accounting I 4
BA224 Human Resources Management 3
WE280MOM_ Cooperative Education Internship4 4
Total Credits 105

Medical Office students are required to have a criminal background check and a current Tuberculin skin test (PPD) at the beginning of the MO110 Powerful Strategies for the Office Team class. Medical Office students must document completion of the three-dose Hepatitis B vaccine series and complete a Measles Immunization Clearance Certificate for School Attendance form prior to beginning the externship placement process. Some externship sites may require further immunizations. See program director for site specific requirements.

Note: A minimum grade of "C" is required in all courses.

1See course descriptions for prerequisite.
2 Alternate selections are BI121 and BI122, or BI231 and BI232 and BI233, or equivalent Anatomy and Physiology sequence.
3 Students may not use demonstrated proficiency on the College Placement Test (CPT) to satisfy this requirement.
4 Any combination of WE280MOMA, WE280MOMB, WE280MOMC and WE280MOMD to total 4 credits. Instructor and dean permission is required; check with instructor for the correct course number and credits appropriate to the internship

‡See pages 20 in the printed catalog.

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