Classes you can take in preparation for the
Mental Health and Human Service Program

There is always interest in classes a student can take while applying to the Mental Health and Human Service program or while waiting to officially enter the program. Here are some ideas for you!

****Please DO NOT take PSY 237 prior to our program. We do have Human Development designed for our program students. Thanks!

Writing- You may take WR 115, WR121 and WR 122 (4) credits (We prefer WR 122 using APA style if available which will be better preparation for your work in social service.) You need a writing class with a research component.

Math – You may take Math 20, 60, and 65. But you may add 95 and 105 or 111 if you think you will transfer on to a four-year university.

Health - HE 202, HE 208 and HE/PE (1cr) are all required for the program degree and you may take these

HS 141 – Psychopharmacology of Psychoactive. We sometimes offer this course is summer and you may ask the instructor for permission.

PSY 201 – This course is a great introduction to psychology and theories. It is NOT part of the program but if you are interested, a good class.

Language – You may work on a foreign language or sign language if you will be pursuing a four-year degree that requires a language…like a Bachelor of Arts degree. PSU BA in Social Work requires a language

SOC 204 and 205 transfers to PSU BSW program and to Concordia University’s BS and BA in Social Work

R210 transfers to Concordia’s BS AND BA in Social Work

Applicants who know they want to transfer may email Leslie with questions regarding course selection.

We encourage you to attend an information session for the program. You may access the schedule through this link You can get additional information from program faculty at these sessions.

Here is a link to our application:


Thanks for your interest in the Mental Health and Human Service Program!


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