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Mental Health/Human Service
Restricted Entry
Associate of Applied Science Degree Program

Catalog Year 2014-2015*

*Information regarding the requirements for this Restricted Entry program is available by accessing the Admission Requirements page.

MHCC Faculty Advisers
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Mental Health/Human Service is a tremendously diverse field of study devoted to preparing students as professionals in mental health, addictions counseling, community corrections, youth work and gerontology. Classroom study and practical experiences are combined to prepare the student to work in community and institutional treatment facilities. These facilities deal with the emotional, social and physical needs of the chemically dependent, the adolescent, the mentally ill and the elderly, as well as others. Courses include basic information in group dynamics, community resources, case management, interviewing, addictions counseling and helping skills. Coursework also prepares students for employment as addictions counselors.

Through formal agreements, this two-year course of study is designed to meet transfer requirements for Portland State University’s Child and Family Studies program and their Social Work Program and Concordia University’s Social Work programs. Interested students should contact program advisers for additional information.

Program Outcomes
At the completion of this program, the student should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the values and ethics that are intrinsic to the human services profession
  • Demonstrate professional interviewing skills
  • Demonstrate writing skills appropriate to clinical documentation
  • Identify resources for clients within agencies and within communities

Prospective students must satisfactorily meet admission program criteria and the application deadline to be considered for admission. Applications are available on our web site at Once you have read the application packet, if you have questions, please call 503-491-7256 or 50-491-7178.

Please check the MHCC website for any curricular changes that have occurred since the catalog was published.

First Quarter (Fall) Cr
HS101 Introduction to Social Services 3
HS107 Orientation to Mental Health Careers 3
HS111 Interviewing Skills I 2
HS141 Pharmacology of Psychoactive Substances 3
PSY235 Human Development I: Prenatal - Late Childhood 3
  Health and Physical Education requirement‡ 1
Second Quarter (Winter)
HS112 Interviewing Skills II 2
HS135 Case Management I: Intake and Assessment 2
HS150 The Effective Helper, A Personal Skills Approach 3
HS151 Motivational Interviewing 1
HS222 Diagnosis and Treatment: Clinical Disorders 3
PSY236 Human Development II: Adolescence - Death 3
WR121 English Composition 4
Third Quarter (Spring)
HS113 Interviewing Skills III: Cross Cultural 3
HS136 Case Management II: Process and Practice 2
HS223 Diagnosis and Treatment: Personality Disorders 2
HS291 Practicum Seminar 2
HE202 Adult Development and Aging 1
WE280HS_ Cooperative Education Internship 4
WR122 English Composition: Critical Thinking 1 4
Fourth Quarter (Fall)
HS225 Group Counseling Theory and Practice I 3
HS265 Counseling Theories and Interventions I 3
HS291 Practicum Seminar 2
WE280HS_ Cooperative Education Internship 4
  Curriculum Track - A, B, or C2,3 3-5
Fifth Quarter (Winter)
HS226 Group Counseling Theory and Practice II 3
HS266 Counseling Theories and Interventions II 3
HS291 Practicum Seminar 2
AH210 Research for Allied Health Professions 1
MTH065 Beginning Algebra II (or higher) 4, ‡ 4
WE280HS_ Cooperative Education Internship5 4
Sixth Quarter (Spring)

Addiction Counseling: Prevention, Assessment and Treatment

HS291 Practicum Seminar 2
HE208 HIV/Aids and Other Sexually Transmitted Infections 1
SW201 The Field of Social Welfare 3
WE280HS_ Cooperative Education Internship5 4
  Curriculum Track - A or B2,3 3-5
Total Credits 99-103
A) Youth Worker
HS153 Principles of Youth Development5(F) 3
HS154   Juvenile Risk Assessment 6 (SP) 3
B) Transfer Track Electives
Please see MH/HS or program adviser before selecting
MTH105 Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics 4
MTH111 Pre-Calculus I: Elementary Functions 5
PSY201 General Psychology 4
SOC204 General Sociology: Principles of Sociology 3 3
SOC205 General Sociology: Social Institutions3 3
  Foreign Language elective7  
  Lab Science elective8  

 1 Recommend WR122 APA style
2 Track A references courses related to working with youth. Over the course of the program, the student will select two courses from either Track A ONLY or Track B list ONLY..
3 Students who plan to transfer to PSU or Concordia should consult with a program adviser before making selection.
4A College Placement Test (CPT) score does not fulfill this requirement. Students must successfully complete the required mathematics course (or higher.)
5 WE280HSD or WE280HSH. Instructor and dean permission is required; check with instructor for the course number and credits appropriate to the internship assignment.
6 Courses open to professionals in the human services field. Students must apply for college admission as a general studies major at
7 Students following the transfer track who wish to complete a BA degree will need to complete two years of a foreign language or show proficiency. Please consult with your MHCC faculty adviser.
8 Select from any college-level science distribution course; see AAOT requirements listed on page 10 for approved courses; lab science courses are designated with an L.

‡See Associate of Applied Science Degree, page 20 of the printed catalog.

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