Why German?

German Opens Your Mind

German is the language of a beautiful, profound and sensitive literature. It is a language of deep philosophical reflection and intense theological debate. German cultures have a long and proud history of artistic, architectural, musical and scientific achievement that places them at the very heart of the Western concept of civilization civilization and keeps them constantly evolving and innovating up to this day.

German is Practical
  • Germany today has the world’s fourth-largest economy.
  • Germany is the biggest foreign investor in Oregon and the USA’s most important European trade partner.
  • Germany’s economy is the envy of the world. It is the world’s second largest exporters of goods and services. It is a major investor in the USA.
  • Germany is the economic motor of the European Union and a major guarantor of European economic stability.
  • German has official status in seven European countries and is spoken in many others. German is spoken as a native language by more people on the European continent than any other. It is one of the most popular languages of study in the world.
  • Germans are the world’s biggest travelers. 25% of the foreign tourists coming to the US are German.
  • The economic and political influence of Germany is continuing to increase all over the world.
  • In the USA, over 60 million people can claim German ancestry, more than any other ethnic group. German-Americans have played prominent roles in public and private life for over 3 centuries. German in the fourth most spoken language in this country. The influence of German culture in our melting pot is perhaps second only to that of Great Britain.
  • Every 10th book published in the world today is in German (in engineering, it is one out four!).
  • German science and technology are cutting edge, including transportation, optics, electronics, chemistry and computer sciences.
  • The German-speaking countries are leaders in athletics (including soccer, tennis, winter sports and more), as well as in athletic equipment (Adidas, Puma), and win large numbers of Olympic medals.
German is Fun

In a German class here at MHCC, you will use German consistently in conversation. This will help you make friends and acquaintances. You can sing, watch movies or play in a skit. You can write German pen pals or e-mail correspondents. It will help you appreciate a vital, dynamic part of our Western cultural heritage.

MHCC Offers the Following Classes in German:

Transfer German Courses:

Fall Term: GER 101 (First-year German I)
Winter Term: GER 102 (First-year German II)
Spring Term: GER 103 (First-year German III)

Will German help with my college and career plans?
  • Two terms of German at MHCC will help you fulfill the entrance requirement to the Oregon University System.
  • You may take Second-year German at several colleges in the Portland area, including Clackamas CC, Portland CC and Portland State University, as well as major private universities.Two years of German will help you fulfill the graduation requirement in a Humanities program within the OUS system (at reduced tuition cost!).
  • Proficiency in German is also helpful in many businesses, especially the increasing number of businesses that deal with the European Union. Many seek candidates who specifically have knowledge of German.

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