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Where Is The Work For Natural Resources Technicians?

A postcard from one of our graduates reads:

" Yes, it was me that caught the first [monster] bull trout. Weight, length and scales were collected, and depending on weight/size, either a pit tag or a radio transmitter were implanted. We also downloaded data from strategically placed, continuously recording transmitters to see who was where and when. It was awesome! And in the East Glacier National Park nonetheless - Can life get any sweeter!?! Yes, hard work pays off!"


Natural Resource Technicians work to survey fish

Where are the jobs?

Graduates are currently employed with the following agencies or companies (partial listing):

  • AgTeq. Inc.
  • Bureau of Environmental Affairs, City of Portland, Oregon
  • Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • REI (Recreation Equipment, Inc.)
  • Forest Service
  • Port of Portland, Environmental Services Division

Some graduates start in seasonal entry-level jobs in natural resources: fire fighting, stream surveys, and biological or hydrological technician positions. This means that the position is less than a year in duration, usually February through November. These positions build the network and field experience necessary for some graduates to secure permanent positions.

Alex Lauber monitoring Wildlife at Portland International Airport
Alex Lauber monitoring Wildlife at
Portland International Airport

What is the pay rate?

Starting salary usually ranges between $10.00 and $14.00/hr. Some graduates start at a higher rate.

Overwhelmingly, our students tell us they are in the program because of a desire to work outdoors, for a company or organization focused on natural resources management, protection or utilization. Some simply say they love being outside. Others have forestry or agriculture backgrounds and want to develop the technical skills and knowledge, to improve their job opportunities.

A portion of our students intend to continue their education at a four-year institution either immediately upon completing their AAS or after gaining additional field experience.

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