What Is An Online (Web) Class And How Do I Take One?

If you think you might like to take on online or web class at MHCC, you need some basic information about those classes. Most students like the online environment because they do not have to travel to campus for several class meetings each week. Read the following paragraphs to find out if online classes are for you.


The basic requirements are that students have, or have close access to, a personal computer, updated web browser, and Internet access.

To participate successfully in an online course, students should have a working knowledge of word processing software (Word), Internet, file management, and e-mail. If you do not have these skills, you can take several one-credit courses through the Software Training Center to get them. Contact Robin Brush at robin.brush@mhcc.edu or 503.491.7174 for information about the Software Training Center.

Types of Distance Learning Classes

Online Courses. Online courses take place via the Web and have little to no on-campus requirements. Online courses are designated as W1, W2, W3 course sections in the schedule of courses for each term. Some instructors may require students to attend an on-campus orientation or they may require that students do proctored tests by specific dates.

Hybrid Courses. In hybrid courses a portion of each course takes place via the web, but students will also be expected to attend on-campus class meetings. You can find out how much time is spent on campus and on the web is specified in the course syllabus.

Hybrid courses may have a section designation of H1, H2, H3 indicating a portion of the class will take place via the web. Students are expected to log into the online portion of the class at https://mhcc.blackboard.com/ by the first day of the term for their orientation and course information.


MHCC uses Blackboard/WebCT to deliver its online courses. Students can access their MHCC Blackboard/WebCT courses from anywhere in the world as long as the computer they are using meets the basic requirements.

Blackboard/WebCT Workshops

Students may attend free workshops to learn how to use Blackboard/WebCT. Workshops are generally held in AC3333. Dates and times will be announced on the Distance Learning website at www.online.mhcc.edu.

Technical Support

Technical support is available by calling the Distance Learning Program staff at 503-491-6995 or Cat.Vogt@mhcc.edu.

Test Proctoring

Some instructors may require students to have their online tests proctored. For convenience, the Gresham Campus Testing Center and the Maywood Campus Community Skills Center are automatically prepared to assist students with testing. Please visit www.online.mhcc.edu and click on the testing center link for locations and center hours.

If students do not live in the Portland area and need another site to take tests, they may contact the program assistant in Distance Learning program at Cat.Vogt@mhcc.edu to provide the name of a potential proctor. A proctor may be someone in an "official" capacity such as librarian, supervisor, commanding officer, instructor, counselor, etc. Usually local libraries, schools and colleges are able to assist in test proctoring. Certain charges at these sites may apply.

Are You Ready?

  • Is Distance Learning really for me?
  • Does my computer meet the minimum requirements?
  • What do I need to be successful in my class?

Visit our Distance Learning site www.online.mhcc.edu at any time for specific information, including “Is Distance Learning for me?” Students may check their browser settings, up-to-date orientation information, instructor information, testing information, and current syllabi.

How to Get Started

Enrolled students will be able to access their course(s) on the first day of the term by going to www.online.mhcc.edu and logging in using their student ID# and birth date.

Registration Information

Students may register for a distance learning course via the following methods:

Distance Learning courses follow the same registration and refund policies as face-to-face courses.

Course Start Dates

Distance Learning Courses begin on the first day of each term unless otherwise noted.

Textbook and Materials

You may purchase your textbooks and materials at www.bookstore.mhcc.edu.

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