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Physical Therapist Assistant
Restricted Entry
Associate of Applied Science Degree Program

Catalog Year 2013-2014* 

*Information regarding the requirements for this Restricted Entry program is available by accessing the Admission Requirements page.

MHCC Faculty Advisers:
Debbie VanDover: 503-491-7465 - Room AC 2769 

Kristin Kjensrud : 503-491-7464- Room AC 2791 

The Physical Therapist Assistant program at Mt. Hood Community College is two years in length, leading to an associate degree. Course work consists of lecture and laboratory instruction on campus, and supervised clinical experience in health care facilities in the Portland metropolitan area and throughout the state. Upon taking the state board examination and becoming licensed, the assistant is qualified to work in any health care facility which provides supervision by a licensed physical therapist.

Program Outcomes
At the completion of this program, the student should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an effective plan of care review
  • Demonstrate effective procedural interventions as established in the plan of care
  • Demonstrate effective teaching strategies
  • Demonstrate appropriate progression within the established plan of care
  • Demonstrate competency in data collection skills to measure patient status or progress
  • Demonstrate competency in documentation of patient care
  • Demonstrate effective intervention in emergencies and the maintenance of a safe working environment
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the use of healthcare literature
  • Demonstrate competence in education of others in the health care tem regarding the role of the PTA
  • Demonstrate effective resource management (human, fiscal, systems)
  • Demonstrate standards of behavior appropriate to the profession
  • Demonstrate effective communication with patients, the public and members of the health care team
  • Demonstrate health promoting behaviors and recognize opportunities to educate others about health, wellness and prevention
  • Demonstrate effective self-assessment and a willingness to engage in self-directed career development.

Prospective students must satisfactorily meet admission program criteria by the application deadline to be considered for admission. Further information and applications can be accessed from the MHCC Web site at Information sessions are also offered on a regular basis. You can find dates and times here: Once you have read the application materials and attended an information session, you may call 503- 491-7165 if you still have questions about the admission process.

Applicants to the Physical Therapist Assistant program must be physically and mentally able to cope with the rigors of the curriculum and the demanding nature of the physical therapy profession. Established academic and clinical requirements essential to the program of instruction apply to all students and cannot be waived. Attempts will be made to accommodate and retain qualified applicants with disabilities unless results of evaluations indicate that given reasonable accommodation an individual will still not be able to perform the essential functions required by the program.

Prospective students must complete pre-program courses prior to the application deadline to be considered for selection into the program.

Pre-Program Courses 
BI121  Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4
BI122  Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4
WR121  English Composition 4
MTH065  Beginning Algebra II1 4

Note: A minimum grade of “C” is required in all courses.

Please check the MHCC website for any curricular changes that have occurred since the catalog was published.

First Quarter (Fall)  Credits 
PTA101  Physical Therapy Interventions 1 5
PTA101L  Physical Therapy Interventions 1 Lab 2
PTA105  Introduction to Physical Therapy 2
PTA121  Clinical Kinesiology 3
AH110  Medical Language for Healthcare Settings 2
Second Quarter (Winter) 
PTA102  Physical Therapy Interventions 2 5
PTA102L  Physical Therapy Interventions 2 Lab 2
PTA106  Contemporary Issues in Physical Therapy 2
PTA122  Manual Techniques 2
  Health and Physical Education requirement‡ 1
Third Quarter (Spring) 
PTA103  Physical Therapy Interventions 3 5
PTA103L  Physical Therapy Interventions 3 Lab 2
PTA107  Introduction to Clinical Practice 2
PTA123  Tests and Measures 2
  Health/Physical Education Requirement‡ 1
Fourth Quarter (Summer) 
PTA251  Clinical Applications I 1
PTA261  Clinical Affiliation I 8
Fifth Quarter (Fall) 
PTA201  Physical Therapy Interventions 4 4
PTA201L  Physical Therapy Interventions 4 Lab 1
PTA262  Clinical Affiliation II 8
  Health and Physical Education requirement‡ 1
Sixth Quarter (Winter) 
PTA202  Physical Therapy Interventions 5 5
PTA202L  Physical Therapy Interventions 5 Lab 2
PTA257  Quality Assurance and Physical Therapy Employment 1
PSY201  General Psychology 4
SP115  Introduction to Intercultural Communication 3
Seventh Quarter (Spring) 
PTA203  Physical Therapy Interventions 6 4
PTA203L  Physical Therapy Interventions 6 Lab 1
PTA258  Licensure and Professional Development 1
PTA263  Clinical Affiliation III
  Total Credits  98 

1 Students may not use demonstrated proficiency on the College Placement Text (CPT) to satisfy this requirement

‡ See pages 20 of the printed catalog.

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