Practical Nurse

Thank you for your interest in the Practical Nursing (PN) program at Mt. Hood Community College. The PN program is both exciting and challenging; offering graduates the opportunities for employment in a variety of settings and for a lifelong career that is personally fulfilling. The program demands may pose unique personal as well as academic challenges. Most students have multiple responsibilities in addition to going to school (i.e., marriage, family, job). Success in the program takes a firm commitment, and the practical nursing faculty members are here to help you succeed.

The program focuses on the practical nursing role of providing care under the supervision of a registered nurse or physician in long term care, clinics and other health care settings. Curriculum includes coursework from the biological and applied sciences including anatomy and physiology and social sciences. Students study fundamental principles and procedures of practical nursing, medication administration, infection control, pharmacology and the practical nurse’s contribution to the nursing process. Theory and lab course work includes concepts that address the practical nurse role in patient teaching and the delivery of nursing skills according to current standards of practice.

Practical nursing is a demanding field and admission to nursing schools is a very competitive process. We strongly suggest you prepare well by talking with nurses in various settings, talking with an advisor in order to help you with your career plans, and by reading through the application materials thoroughly.

Linda Fleshman RN, MSN, MST
Program Director

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