Practical Nursing Frequently Asked Questions

Advising Questions:

Q: Can I take medical terminology instead of AH110 (Medical Language for Health Care Settings)?
A: Students have the option of taking either AH110 OR MO114 AND MO115.

Q: Should I take the 100-level Anatomy and Physiology or 200-level Anatomy and Physiology?
A: This ultimately depends on your long term career goals. Either will work for program admissions. Students who plan on going to nursing school after obtaining their LPN are advised to take the 200-level Anatomy and Physiology. Keep in mind most colleges have a time limit on science courses.

Q: I have already taken PSY237, do I need to take PSY201?
A: No, PSY201 is not required if you have already taken PSY237.

Q: Do I really have to take a computer class to apply to the program?
A: Yes. The program is highly dependent on technology. Students must have a good understanding of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and email. Students are allowed to challenge CIS120L. Learn more about the process by visiting

Admissions Questions:

Q: Do I have to have my CNA?
A: Yes, a current CNA is required. It can be issued from any state. When you submit your application, make sure your name and the date of expiration are present.

Q: Do I have to submit a transcript from every college I have ever attended?
A: Yes, an official (unopened) transcript is required from every college you have ever attended, regardless of relevancy to the program. Nationally accredited (“non-accredited” or “for profit”) transcripts are not required, but may be submitted.

Q: Do I have to take the TEAS V test?
A: No! We are no longer requiring students to complete the TEAS V exam.

Q: What do I need to take to be eligible to apply to the program?
A: Applicants must have completed WR121, CIS120L, RD117, MTH065 (or higher), and BI121 OR BI231 AND BI232. Pay close attention to course time limits and the skills proficiency section of the application guide (some applicants may need to complete a reading course depending on their placement test results). 

Q: Who do I make my check out to?
A:  Please make checks payable to Mt. Hood Community College.

Q: Does MHCC offer an LPN to RN program?
A: Yes, we do offer an LPN to RN program. Students are admitted every other year. Learn more at

Q: I have a specific question about my application, who should I contact?
A: If you have a question about applying to the program, the application materials, or the process, please come see Katelyn Goslin, Practical Nursing Admissions Evaluator during open hours. Sessions are offered from 2-3 p.m. in room AC2256 (the Student Services Conference Room inside Student Services). Visit for session dates.

Program Questions:

Q: Is there a part-time program?
A: No, not at this time.

Q: When are the classes offered?
A: Most classes are offered in the afternoon, evenings, or online. Clinical rotations can take place anytime. Even though classes are not offered at traditional times, it is important to remember this is a full-time program that requires a tremendous amount of dedication.

Q: What happens if I fail a class while I am in the program?
A: PN classes must be completed in the term outlined in the curriculum, and cannot be taken out of order. Attempts may be made to bring back an eligible candidate the following year, but there are never any guarantees. These students may be required to reapply to the program.

Q: When does the program start?
A: The program is 4 consecutive terms in length, starting in Spring and ending in Winter term.


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