ESL 85C Integrated Skills - High Beginning


  1. Student stories
  2. Interactive newspaper with audio Community and vocational components
  3. Culture Capsules: student designed web-pages
  4. Full text and abridged stories with audio versions


  1. Self-study quizzes from the Internet TESL Journal
  2. Internet TESL Journal's Links
  3. Grammar quizzes and tutorials


  1. Minimal pairs, songs, tongue twisters
  2. Telling time
  3. Many listening activities listed by level Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
  4. Listening practice for all levels with wide selection of topics from


  1. Source for holiday celebrations
  2. Self-Study Holiday and other quizzes
  3. Links to holiday website via NETEACH-L
  4. Tower of English Holidays
  5. Holiday E-cards


  1. Over 300 fun and interesting websites in 34 different categories
  2. Internet TESL Journal's links
  3. Resources for learning and teaching English


  1. English Page-activities, printouts, good website
  2. Dave's ESL Café
  3. Activities for all levels- letter recognition, personal information etc.
  4. Downloadable activities and lessons from beginner to advanced. Very detailed information.
  5. English Club- a very thorough website- activities and more


  1. Mouse skills--JigZone is a website for jigsaw puzzles. Students use mouse skills to click and drag pieces to complete puzzles. Requires more assistance for lower levels.
  2. Mouse skills- Connect the dots. Use the mouse to connect dots and draw a picture. Uses numbers 1-40.
  3. Painting with the mouse. Use the mouse to draw a kaleidoscope.
  4. Mouse skills. Use the mouse to draw numbers and letters
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