ESL 85F Integrated Skills - High Intermediate


  1. Student stories 
  2. Websites and student autobiographies 
  3. Interactive newspaper with audio: Community and vocational components 
  4. Culture Capsules: student designed web-pages 
  5. Full text and abridged stories with audio versions 
  6. Hundreds of song lyrics by various songwriters 
  7. English language newspapers from around the world 
  8. Information about Native American history 
  9. World customs and cultures written by ESL students 
  10. The BBC News 
  11. PBS News Hour for students including questions 


  1. Self-study quizzes 
  2. Grammar quizzes 
  3. Internet TESL Journal's Links 
  4. Grammar quizzes and tutorials 
  5. Grammar tutorial with business letter writing information 
  6. Grammar tests 
  7. On-line writing lab from Purdue University- advanced ESL activi ties with good teacher materials and resources 
  8. Basic overview of English grammar 


  1. Many listening activities listed by leve 
  2. Listening practice for all levels with wide selection of topics 
  3. National Public Radio News broadcast with text 
  4. BBC World News (click on upper right hand blue box to listen to hundreds of BBC programs) 
  5.  Reading and Listening activities from the California Distant Learning Project 


  1. Pronunciation activities and worksheets 
  2. A comprehensive pronunciation website from U. of Iowa. 


  1. Sign in to get email from around the world 
  2. Pen-pal information and links to pen-pal sites 
  3. Paragraph writing practice in guided steps 


  1. A list of idioms with written definitions and examples from Dave's ESL Cafe 


  1. Links to dictionaries, encyclopedias, thesaurus 


  1. Poems, songs, stories, games etc 
  2. Source for holiday celebrations 
  3. Songs, stories, graphics, recipes, activities 


  1. Oregon Employment Department -Job listings, job fairs, job market information, childcare information 
  2. Employment resources 


  1. Over 300 fun and interesting websites in 34 different categories 
  2. Internet TESL Journal's links 
  3. Resources for learning and teaching English 
  4. Online ESL Resources 
  5. English lessons and tests 
  6. ESL Loop collection of sites relevant to English language teaching and learning 


  1. Dave's ESL Café 
  2. ESL handouts and activities (very extensive list of handouts pertaining to grammar, computers, and reading) 
  3. Activities for all levels- letter recognition, personal information etc. 
  4. Downloadable activities and lessons from beginner to advanced.  Very detailed information. 
  5. English Club- a very thorough website- activities and more 


  1. Civics Online 
  2. English Literacy and Civics Education: from the Colorado Department of Education.  Has various resources and links.
  3. EL/Civics: from Central Oregon Community College.  Has a few links related to Independence and the Constitution.
  4. Civics Lesson Plans: over 100 links to lesson plans related to civics
  5. EL-Civics Lesson Plans : Northwest Lincs has links to curriculum, lesson plans, On Common Ground, and web-based projects
  6. On Common Ground Lesson Plan for Chapter 1. Word Document
  7. On Common Ground Lesson Plan for Chapter 2: PDF document 24 pages
  8. On Common Ground Lesson Plan for Chapter 3: A detailed lesson plan with activities in pdf format. 28 pages.
  9. On Common Ground Lesson Plan for Chapter 3: A much shorter lesson plan in Word format.
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