Instructor Resources for Using Computers

Student Handbook -Personal Computer Student Handbook created for ABE students by West Virginia Adult Basic Education (requires Adobe Acrobat) Computer basics - A wordy description of the main parts of a computer and functions.  Could be used with higher level ESL students.

Introduction to Computers - A tutorial about computer basics and equipment.  Some nice pictures but would be difficult for students to use.

Basic Computer literacy - Information covering wide range of computers uses.  Very detailed.

Working with Windows '98 and XP -This  site covers extensive computer  use info with diagrams, activities, and quizzes.  Good suggestions for  using the mouse.

Computer Vocabulary - Information technology and computer terms and phrases translated into 30 different languages.

Internet 101-How the Internet works

Internet 102-How to use favorites, history, printing formats, etc.

ESL Website Evaluation- rates ESL websites on the internet

Beginner's Guide to the Internet- Useful guide for Internet users

net.Tutor-Information about internet including evaluation of  websites in the form of lesson plans

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