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Heat & Frost Insulators apply thermal insulation and its protective finishes to a wide variety of mechanical systems in a construction environment. These systems include piping, valves, boilers, heating duct, ventilating duct, air conditioning duct, smoke stacks, flues, industrial air pollution control equipment, vessels and tanks to name a few. The work may be preformed in a commercial building, an industrial plant, a refrigeration/food processing plant, or a ship. The systems being insulated operate at temperatures ranging from 200 degrees below zero to 1600 degrees above zero, requiring that the Heat and Frost Insulator have a thorough knowledge of heat transfer, condensation control, and insulation material characteristics. In addition to the application of thermal insulation, various protective coatings and finishes are applied. These range from mastics to PVC plastic, aluminum or stainless steel sheet products.

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