ESL Integrated Skills

Integrated Skills Courses
These classes develop reading, writing, speaking and listening skills for non-native speakers of English.

ESL85A Low-beginning
In this class you will learn how to follow and ask for instructions and directions, how to answer questions about personal information, and how to complete simple forms. You will learn to recognize numbers, letters, and words, and interpret signs, symbols and maps.

ESL85B Beginning
In this class you will focus on writing and speaking in everyday situations. You will learn to make and answer questions correctly. You will learn to give and receive basic instructions, as well as identify and record letters, numbers and words.

ESL85C High Beginning
In this class you will work on speaking and writing with basic vocabulary and grammatical forms. You will understand and make sentences and questions with basic verb tenses and question words. You will also make short conversations, narratives or stories. The class will teach basic computer skills and use Internet websites.

ESL85D Low Intermediate
In this class you will read and make sentences and questions with different verb forms. You will create narratives and stories on familiar topics and make conversation (requests, offering thanks, opinions, etc.). You will learn computer skills and work with the Internet.

ESL85E Intermediate
In this class you will describe personal experiences in conversations and writing. You will practice finding the main idea and details in various texts. You will read and produce sentences and questions using different grammatical forms. You will learn new computer programs and work with Internet websites.

Writing Courses
These classes focus on developing writing skills for non-native speakers of English.

ESL86A Beginning Writing
You will write simple sentences on familiar topics, using basic grammar, capitalization, and punctuation. The class will practice spelling and word order, and focus on writing multiple sentences about one topic.

ESL86B Low Intermediate Writing
You will focus on writing paragraphs in this class, with attention to grammar and punctuation. This class will review spelling rules and word order. You will create paragraphs about different topics using personal experience, description, opinion, explanation, comparison.

ESL86C Intermediate Writing
In this class you will write a 1-3 paragraph essay using simple and complex grammatical structures. You will broaden your vocabulary, knowledge of spelling and punctuation patterns, correct structure and form. You will focus on writing an essay which tells a personal experience or gives description on a familiar topic.

Listening & Speaking: 
These classes focus on developing listening and speaking skills necessary to succeed in the community. This class is for high beginning to intermediate English language learners.

ESL88A Speaking and Listening
This class will use videos from the Crossroads Café series, which features real-life situations and tells the story of people who work in a cafe. You will practice conversations using simple vocabulary, with a partner or in small groups. You will also practice giving and following simple directions, and understanding non-verbal communication.

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