Law Enforcement Authority

MHCC’s Public Safety officers are primarily responsible for carrying out the mandates of the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act (commonly known as the Clery Act) under Administrative Regulations AR-4080-D.The officers utilize citizen's arrest powers for criminal offenses committed in their presence granted by Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 133.225 and are granted peace officer authority ORS 133.005 (3) pertaining to traffic and parking enforcement as stated in ORS 341.300 and MHCC’s Board Policy 4080.  In addition, the officers are responsible for controlling public access to all campus locations in AR-4100-A. The officers respond to all calls originating on property owned by MHCC and work with state and local law enforcement agencies in the reporting, investigation and resolution of reported crimes. The officers do not carry fire­arms and their authority is limited to the geographical boundaries of MHCC’s properties, including land, structures, streets, roadways and parking lots. Officers have the authority to ask all students for identification if they are on MHCC property or at MHCC sponsored events.

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