Registered Nurse

Associate of Applied Science (Restricted Entry)

Register NurseAs contemporary health care practices have emerged, the nurse's role has been redefined and new opportunities have opened. Nurses are now playing an active role in shaping their profession to ensure quality care to the public while gaining the recognition and rewards they deserve.

Nursing offers the satisfaction of making immediate differences in other people's lives. It is a dynamic, humanistic and scientific discipline which diagnoses and treats actual or potential health problems. Many of today's nurses are independent professional practitioners in an expanding world of opportunities.

Is this for me?

Nursing is a rigorous, intellectual discipline requiring people with critical and decision-making skills. A successful candidate for the nursing profession should have a genuine desire to help people, a strong commitment to career development, the ability to use scientific information and be a team player.

Nursing StudentsWhat does the program offer?

The associate of applied science degree in nursing is the foundation for further education in a career ladder ranging from the associate's degree to the doctorate.

The MHCC Nursing program offers a strong foundation in general medical-surgical nursing with some opportunities for practice in special areas. Besides classroom and laboratory instruction, students gain clinical experience in hospitals, nursing homes and community agencies. The program is guided and kept up-to-date by an advisory board composed of professionals in the field.

The Nursing program is a restricted-entry program. You must apply for admission and meet the college and program criteria before being considered for acceptance.

What are my options?

A TWO-YEAR ASSOCIATE OF APPLIED SCIENCE DEGREE in the Nursing Program entitles the student to take the NCLEX examination necessary for licensure in Oregon as a registered nurse. Registered nurses can independently assess, plan, implement and evaluate basic nursing needs of the patient.

Mt. Hood Community College Nursing Program

Prepare individuals for competent entry level registered nursing practice to serve the overall health and well-being of the community

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