Getting Money Back

Removing Tuition/Fee Charges - Financial Aid Students are not eligible for an appeal beginning winter term 2012

When a student registers for a class, charges are applied to their student account.

  • Students will receive a 100 percent removal of tuition charges and refundable fees if the student drops classes by the refund date printed on the student's class schedule. The drop with a refund deadline for most standard length classes is the first Sunday after the term begins. If the student account has no holds, the student can drop the classes on MyMHCC. If the student account has a hold on it, the student must drop their class in person by submitting an add/drop form in the Student Services Center or by calling 503-491-7393.

  • Course cancellations by the college will result in a 100 percent removal of tuition charges

  • Removal of charges will not be considered for classes dropped after the refund date. Click here to review Petitioning for a Refund due to documented extenuating circumstances.


The refund process will begin no earlier than the third week of the term.

  • Any credit applied to a student account resulting from a removal of charges or overpayment will first be applied to any college debt, even if the amount owed is not yet due. Late registration, class additions or registering for the next term may result in little or no refund.
  • Refunds resulting from check overpayment are held 5 business days from the date the original payment was processed.

For more details see Refund Procedures or one of the following:
Refund Procedures for Student Accounts without Financial Aid
Refund Procedures for Student Accounts with Third Party Authorizations
Refund Procedures for Currently Enrolled Students with Financial Aid

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