• Saints Print

  • Welcome to Saints Print Student/Guest* Printing

    Here's the basics:

    From your open file on a public computer, click "print." A screen will come up asking for your "authentication" which is the same as your MyMHCC login. You set the settings for your print file and click "OK."*

    Go to any student printing Multi-Function Device (MFD) and either swipe your student activity card or key in your six-digit ID number. You'll be asked for your password, and then shown the list of your pending print files. Choose the file you want printed, verify the settings, and print.

    If you swipe your MHCC Activity Card, you will be asked to set a PIN number. You can save keystrokes by swiping your card and entering your PIN in the future.

    Coming soon: People who bring their own computers into the library can download a print driver from our website to access the system.

    In the background: The six-digit student ID is attached to a PaperCutMF account with a beginning credit of $3 provided by the college for *registered students. To reload the account, you log into saintsprint.mhcc.edu on any computer using any browser, and add funds to your account with a debit or credit card.

    No refunds are allowed. There is no cash handling because the accounts are set up with a modest balance to print without cash for approximately one term. Student identification is authenticated using the college database of currently registered students.

    Getting started:

    Computers that students use will print from the workstation. Previously this was not possible.

    IMPORTANT: Before you can scan or copy, you need to follow these directions to send a single print file. Sending one print file will open your SaintsPrint student account.

    Open your file
    Choose "Print"
    Select either the black and white or the color printer from the drop down menu

    For black and white printing: \\pcut1\SaintsPrint_BW
    For color printing: \\pcut1\SaintsPrint_Color

    Select the features for your print job:

    Select the features for your print job

    If you change nothing and click OK, the job will print 8.5 x 11 and black & white.

    If you use the \\pcut1\SaintsPrint_BW printer, you can pick up your black and white printing at a color printer at black and white rates. If you use the \\pcut1\SaintsPrint_Color printer, you can only see your print job at the release station of a color printer and it will print in color at color rates.

    At the Bruning Center and the Maywood Library, only a color printer is available. Use the \\pcut1\SaintsPrint_BW printer if you want a black and white result. Color printers are also located in the Student Union, the main Computer Lab, and the Gresham Library.

    NOTE: You will not be able to change these choices when you release your print file at the printer.

    If you want to determine other qualities of your print job, click "Properties" in the upper right to open more choices.

    When you click OK to print, you will see a screen that asks for a username and password. Enter your six-digit student ID and your My MHCC password.

    Login Screen

    Saints Print Locations:

    Location Color/B&W
    Bruning Center Color
    Maywood Park Color
    Industrial Tech Black and White
    Fisheries Black and White
    Student Union Color
    Lower Student Union Black and White
    Main Computer Lab Color and Black and White
    Gresham Campus Library One Color, 2 Black and White, and one scan station.
    Learning Success Center Black and White

    Releasing your print file:

    Your black and white print file can be picked up at any location. If you used the color printer in your print window, you must pick up your printing at a color MFD.

    Swipe your MHCC activity card

    On the touch pad, key in your student ID, OR swipe your MHCC activity card.

    The first time you swipe your MHCC activity card you'll be asked to choose a PIN number. On later visits you'll access your print queue with the activity card swipe and the PIN number.

    How do I make copies?

    The first time you want to scan or copy, you need to send a print file from a student workstation to initiate your account. These directions work after you have sent one print file, even if you delete that print file from the list when you login at the printer.

    Enter your six-digit student ID and password on the control pad, or swipe your activity card and key in your PIN. Select "Use Copier" after login. The copy and scanning features are available to you on the MFD console.

    Your Saints Print account:

    Every student registered for a credit or non-credit class has a Saints Print account with a beginning credit of $3 at the start of each term. You can add value to your Saints Print account online using a debit or credit card. The funds you add will be identified on your account summary.

    The MHCC $3 startup money will renew at the beginning of each term in which you take a class. MHCC funds will not exceed $3.

    NOTE: There are no refunds. The funds you add to your account will not be refunded.

    Log in with student ID number and password

    Access your account:

    In your Web browser, go to: saintsprint.mhcc.edu
    Log in with student ID number and password.

    If you are not a student you may set up a guest account using the "Register as a Guest" link.

    How much does printing and copying cost?

    Black and white printing and copying costs 5 cents per page and color is 10 cents. There is a discount for printing two-sided, saving you 2 cents black and white and 4 cents color. Scanning is free.

    8.5 x 11
    Number of Copies 1 master each 2 masters each
    BW 1 side 2 sides
    1 0.05 0.08
    2 0.10 0.16
    3 0.15 0.24
    4 0.20 0.32
    5 0.25 0.40
    6 0.30 0.48
    7 0.35 0.56
    8 0.40 0.64
    9 0.45 0.72
    10 0.50 0.80
    8.5 x 11
    Number of Copies 1 master each 2 masters each
    Color 1 side 2 sides
    1 0.10 0.16
    2 0.20 0.32
    3 0.30 0.48
    4 0.40 0.64
    5 0.50 0.80
    6 0.60 0.96
    7 0.70 1.12
    8 0.80 1.28
    9 0.90 1.44
    10 1.00 1.60
    11 x 17
    Number of Copies 1 master each 2 masters each
    BW 1 side 2 sides
    1 0.10 0.16
    2 0.20 0.32
    3 0.30 0.48
    4 0.40 0.64
    5 0.50 0.80
    6 0.60 0.96
    7 0.70 1.12
    8 0.80 1.28
    9 0.90 1.44
    10 1.00 1.60
    11 x 17
    Number of Copies 1 master each 2 masters each
    Color 1 side 2 sides
    1 0.20 0.30
    2 0.40 0.60
    3 0.60 0.90
    4 0.80 1.20
    5 1.00 1.50
    6 1.20 1.80
    7 1.40 2.10
    8 1.60 2.40
    9 1.80 2.70
    10 2.00 3.00

    Do USB flash drives still work?

    Use the computer workstation to open your USB flash drive and print. There is one station in the Gresham Library where you can scan to a USB flash drive, no login required.

    Can I still scan items on the copier glass?

    Yes. After you login, you can send a scan by email. Type the target email to send your scan where you can retrieve it. Scans are free. Scan to USB flash drive will not work except at a single location in the Gresham Library.

    I'm not registered this term; can I still use the system?

    Once you have enrolled and used the system, your account will remain until it has not been used for a year. There will never be more than $3 in the MHCC portion of your account. The MHCC portion of your account will not be refreshed to $3 until you are again enrolled in a class. Any unused balance will not be refunded.

    I'm not a student. Can I register as a guest?

    Yes. If you click "print" from a public computer, the first login screen has a guest registration link. Follow the instructions to open an account. Guests will need a debit or credit card to add value to the account before printing, copying and scanning will be available.

    NOTE: Remember the username and password you put on your guest account. They cannot be retrieved by the college.

    Copy Machine/Printer

    Glossary of terms:


    This is the abbreviation for Multi-Function Device. We used to call them copiers but now they do multiple things. Also called a student printer or printer.


    Mt. Hood Community College

    MHCC activity card

    MHCC activity card:

    The card with your photograph that you use as a library card and for admission to certain MHCC events.


    The designated Multi-Function-Device (MFD) for student printing.


    For students this is the six-digit Student ID. Non-student guests will type in their own username which will always begin with SP.

    Saints Print:

    The student printing system that replaces Mt. Hood Community College's "Pause Before You Print" system installed in 2011. The system uses PaperCutMFTM, a software and hardware package used in many community colleges.