• SensusAccess

  • An online conversion tool that will enable students and staff to convert material into an alternative, accessible format.

    SensusAccess allows students, employees, and alumni to automatically convert documents such as PDFs, Word Documents, PowerPoint presentations, and more into accessible formats.

    You will need to use a valid MHCC or Saints email address to access this service. If you are part of the MHCC community and would like to use this service but don't have one of these email addresses or if you have questions or would like training, please contact ADA.Issues@mhcc.edu.  

    NOTE: SensusAccess cannot convert certain material, such as PDF forms, skewed or smudged scanned documents, and documents with math equations. For more information on best practices see the Accessible E-Text Resources page.

    Contact Information:
    Electronic/Technological Accessibility Issues