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Political Science Courses Offerings as of Fall 2011

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NOTE: For individual course information, see Course Descriptions.

Lecture-Based Class Offerings

The following table lists political science, classroom, lecture-based offerings and the estimated term during which they will be offered. Occasionally classes will be offered off-term due to current events, but in general the schedule holds. Below this table there are also non-lecture based classes (Independent Studies) listed.

PS# Title Credits Term Offered
200 Introduction to Politics 4 F/W/SP/SU
201 American Government 4 F/W/SP/SU
203 State and Local Government (WEB only see below) 4 SP
204 Introduction to Comparative Governments (WEB only see below) 4 FA
205 International Relations 4 SP
209 Problems in American Politics 4 F
215 Global Issues* 4 W
217 Introduction to Public Land Management: The Politics of Recreation 3 SP
225 Political Ideology: Ideas About Government 4 F
241 Political Terrorism 4 SP
297 Introduction to Environmental Politics 3 SP (possibly)
298 Political Science Research 1 F/WI/SP
280 Internship/Work Experience 1-12 F/WI/SP

The following courses can be taken in Web format:

PS# Title Term Offered
200 Introduction to Politics SU/F/W/SP
201 American Government SU/F/W/SP
203 State and Local Government SP
204 Comparative Politics F
297 Introduction to Environmental Politics pending

*This class is sometimes offered in a Learning Community, which is when two classes are combined.  This class is combined with ENG 274: Documentary Film and is titled the Global Lens.  Upon completion of the course, your transcript will contain both ENG 274 and PS 215.  Check schedule for details.  

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