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Possible Career Options in Political Science

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In general an undergraduate degree provides you with life skills such as critical thinking, the ability to find information and use resources well, and the ability to be articulate in oral and writing skills; so the greatest use for a degree is the acquisition of these skills both in terms of employment, and in terms of life exploration. Thus it is not always necessary to become involved in a job that directly relates to your major, and often it is the case that graduates pursue something unrelated to their majors. Majors, do, however, provide you with a focus during your education, and they can be important is you are considering graduate degrees like a Masters or PhD. In general, you should choose a major in a topic that most interests you, even if it seems as though that particular major is not marketable, because after all, what you acquire from any field of study are the above-listed skills. That said, there are fields that are directly related to political science, and below a few of those are described.

Careers options in "applied" politics include roles as a:

  • Lobbyist
  • Activist
  • Campaign organizer
  • Public service personnel
  • Lawyer
  • Public administrator
  • Political advisor
  • Legislator-local/state/national
  • Legislative aid-local/state/national
  • Interest group organizer (unions, business interests)

There is also research:

  • Public sector researcher (like policy analysis)
  • Private sector researchers (like why do Americans like Wheaties?)

Or education:

  • Instructor college/high school

Or media:

  • Journalist
  • Cartoonist

Or even international affairs:

  • International business consultant
  • State department
  • Intelligence service

Useful publications can be found on the American Political Science Association website.
(Note: Many resources listed on this site are not free.)

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