Independent Study Testing

Independent Study Testing

Tests for independent study courses are taken in room #2553.

Each quarter, testing room hours vary. Click here to view the schedule for the current quarter. Students may take tests during the hours that the testing room is open.

Check your syllabus and/or contact your instructor to get a sense of how long your test will take you. It’s important that you leave yourself enough time to take the test. A multiple choice test may take less time than an essay exam. If you are taking an essay exam that typically takes student 1 hour and 30 minutes, don’t leave yourself only 45 minutes to take the exam. No tests will be handed out within 30 minutes of the closing time for the Testing Room (tests for all classes are expected to take more than 30 minutes).

The testing room schedule DOES NOT apply to finals week. For testing during finals week, the final exam period is Monday, 8am-8pm and Tuesday 8am-12pm. Please read the information below concerning testing during finals week.

Independent Study Testing During Finals Week

If you are enrolled in an Independent study course during the Summer Quarter, there is no Final Exam Period (the 10 week schedule remains the same in the final week of the quarter).

If you are enrolled in an Independent Study Course during the Fall, Winter or Spring Quarter, there is a Final Exam Period. The IS Testing room will be open on Monday of finals week from 8am-8pm..

On Tuesday of Finals Week, the Independent Study Testing room will be open from 8am-12pm. Please review your syllabus as some Independent Study Instructors allow only one test to be taken during finals week. Other instructors restrict the number of tests that can be taken in one day

The Independent Study Testing Room will close for the Quarter at noon on Tuesday of finals week. All work must be completed before noon on Tuesday of Finals Week. Prior to finals week, there are extended Independent Study Room Testing hours on the Friday before finals week. Check with your instructor or in the IS Testing Room (#2553) in the 8th week of the quarter in order to find out what the extended hours on Friday prior to Finals Week will be


Independent Study Link to the Learning Assistance Center

The Learning Assistance Center is a great resource on campus to help you succeed in your classes! For example, the Learning Assistance Center can help you to avoid procrastination by developing a realistic schedule.

The Learning Assistance Center can provide instructional tools for: reading textbooks, preparing for exams, preparing for essay tests, studying smarter not harder, etc.

Click on the link below to learn more!!

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