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Courses provide students with general theoretical knowledge of the field of geography, as well as the ability to work as a field researcher or a computer map technician using Geographic Information System (GIS).

Curricular Outcomes
At the completion of this curriculum, students should be able to:

  • Explain the dynamics of weather and climate on the planet
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of the various biomes on the planet
  • Explain the various challenges (such as political, economic and environmental) faced in the various regions of our planet
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the main religious belief systems of the world
  • Explain the various environmental threats facing the planet today
  • Demonstrate the ability to interpret and create maps

The following plan of classes is a general guide to prepare students to pursue a geography degree at a college or university.* To prepare for such a degree and at the same time meet MHCC degree requirements, follow one of the transfer degree options on pages 10-15 of the printed catalog.

Students receiving financial aid must be seeking a certificate or degree and following official MHCC certificate or degree requirements.

Admission and degree requirements vary among colleges and universities. Students are advised to:

  • Contact the transfer university to confirm specific admission/major/degree requirements.
  • Consult with a faculty adviser or the MHCC Academic Advising and Transfer Center early to develop an educational plan.

Note: Community colleges do not award transfer degrees in a subject area, but do award an Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree, an Associate of Science Oregon Transfer – Business degree or an Associate of Science degree.

First Quarter Credits
GEOG105 Introduction to Physical Geography 3
ART261 Photography I 3
WR121 English Composition 4
  First-year Modern Language elective 1 5
Second Quarter
GEOG106 Introduction to World Regional Geography 3
MTH105 Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics 4
WR122 English Composition: Critical Thinking 4
  First-year Modern Language elective 1 5
Third Quarter
GEOG107 Introduction to Cultural Geography 3
GEOG180 Map Reading and Interpretation or
GEOG270 Geography of Crime
GS106 Physical Science: Geology 4
  First-year Language elective 1 5
Fourth Quarter
GEOG206 Geography of Oregon or
GEOG208 The Geography of the U.S. and Canada
BI101 General Biology I 4
HST110 Ancient World History 4
SOC204 General Sociology 3
SP111 Fundamentals of Public Speaking 4
Fifth Quarter
GEOG202 Geography of Europe3 or
GEOG209 Geography of the Middle East and North Africa
GEOG265 Introduction of Geographic Information Systems 3
ART205 History of Western Art: Medieval - Renaissance 4
BI102 General Biology II 4
Sixth Quarter
GEOG205 The Geography of the Pacific Rim or
GEOG214 Geography of Mexico and Central America
GEOG290 Environmental Problems and Restoration 3
BI103 General Biology III 4
HPE295 Health and Fitness for Life 3
  Humanities requirement 2, 4 3

1 First year language electives may be satisfied with the following course sequences: ASL101-103, FR101-103, GER101-103, ITAL101-103, JPN101-103 or SPAN101-103.
2 Suggested courses to fulfill humanities requirements include: PHL201-202, SP112, ASL201-203, JPN201-203 and SPAN201-203. NOTE: Oregon transfer students seeking Bachelor of Arts degrees must complete the second year of a language other than English before graduation from their transfer school.
3 Offered every other year.
4 This plan aligns with the Associate of Arts - Oregon Transfer degree; refer to degree requirements, page 10 of the printed catalog.

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