Self-Assessment and Exploration

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In order to find careers that suit you, you need to get as much information as you can about your needs and personal qualities. This is called "self-assessment". These are some of most important areas that you will want to clarify:

  • Interests—what you like
  • Values—what is important to you
  • Skills—what you know how to do
  • Abilities—what you are good at
  • Personality—your temperament and personal preferences

There many activities to help with self-assessment. They roughly fall into two groups: Standardized Assessments and Individualized Assessments

  • Standardized Assessments: These are what are thought of as career “tests”. They enable you to compare information about your attributes with those of others that have taken the assessment. But, they are not crystal balls that can authoritatively tell you what career is best for you -- only you can do that! Some of the standardized assessments we offer include:
    • Strong Interest Inventory - compares your interests to specific jobs, as well as, broad occupation themes and industries
    • Myers-Briggs Type Inventory - measures your personality in four areas
    • CIS Skills- matches preferred skills to jobs, industries and occupation
      Career Information System (CIS). The password is available in the Career Planning & Counseling Center, Room 1152 or call 503-491-7432
  • Individualized Assessments: These are more personalized and might include an examination of your past work or school experience, or a description of a “dream career”. Although they may not seem as scientific, individualized assessments can be equally, if not more, beneficial than standardized assessments

Because any one assessment usually measures only one or two things about you-- such as your interests-- it is important to engage in a variety of assessments to develop a well-rounded picture of your strengths & needs. MHCC career counselors can advise you on the best mix of assessments for you.

If you are interested in the Strong Interest Inventory or Myers-Briggs Inventory, consider registering for HD208, or call 503-491-7432 to schedule an appointment with a counselor!

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