Learning Success Center Staff

Lauren Smith, M.A.T., M.L.S.
Manager, AVID and Learning Success Center
AC 3331
Lauren Smith

Welcome to AVID & the Learning Success Center at MHCC!
Our mission is to help students reach their academic and personal goals and grow as learners, and if we can’t help you here on the third floor, we’ll take you to who can on campus.  We offer subject support, study skills for students, and a connection to campus resources as well as comfortable places to study and relax in between classes.  We hope to see you soon!


Larry Gilius
Learning Success Center Coordinator
Writing, English Language Learners
AC 3331
Larry Gilius

Hello. I'm Larry. I'm Learning Success Center Coordinator. I promote the center and support the work of the tutors and Learning Specialists. I also work with ENL students to improve their reading, writing, grammar, speaking, and listening skills. I know from personal experience how challenging it can be to learn a second language well and to learn a new culture at the same time. I look forward to helping you develop new skills and self confidence. I also work with both ENL and non-ENL students on writing skills.

Lance Lannigan
Technology Learning Specialist
Computer Skills, Reading
Lance Lannigan Hi, my name is Lance Lannigan, and I run the computer lab for the Learning Success Center. Come to me with any computer questions or reading questions. Using a computer is an essential part of a successful Mt. Hood college experience, and it can be frustrating when you don't have either the experience or the one-on-one help you need to work through a computer problem. I will patiently explain and teach you the skills you need to become a confident computer user! Or come to me for help with reading skills. I can present you with reading and study strategies, which will help you to successfully navigate your reading class and improve your reading skills.
Patricia Matteri
Learning Specialist
Writing, Reading

I am Patricia and I am pleased to serve as a writing learning specialist. Unlike math, writing does not have one solution. So often, it is the least favorite subject especially when instructors require analytical, persuasive and expository essays rather than the personal, narrative story.

Where to start? How to build the essay with supports? What do you say in an ending—haven’t I already said everything by the bottom of the page?

Make an appointment. Let me show you my visual organizers that actually help you plan your essay before you write yourself into circles.

Come on in and let me break down the assignment into smaller steps and let’s see if that helps.

Tim Bradley
Learning Specialist
Tim Bradley

As someone who struggled with math as a student, I know how it might feel to return to mathematics courses after many years away from school. If you are apprehensive of your math course, there is a lot of peace of mind to be had. Please use our awesome tutors (some of them have been tutoring your course for over 10 years!) and also come see me to talk about your math learning and any math stress. Call or come by to make an appointment.

Stephanie English
Learning Specialist
Allied Health, Math, Science
Stephanie English

Hi, my name is Stephanie English. My goal as a learning specialist is to help all students studying math and science be as successful as possible. I can help you discover how you learn best and with that knowledge, how to study more effectively. Come see me to learn the ins and outs of science textbooks, approaches to problem solving and to learn new organizational skills, so you can achieve your goals.

Mike Hein
Program Assistant

I am Mike Hein, Program Assistant for the LSC. I am here to connect you with resources to be successful in your college career! You can share your needs for academic support. I will assist you in defining them, and then connect you with our Learning Specialists and tutors for many subject areas.

Peer and Para-Professional Tutors
Let our team of friendly tutors help you! Our goal is to support your learning by using proven tutoring techniques that build on your own knowledge and abilities. We are trained professional, para-professional, and peer tutors that have strong skills and knowledge in a number of academic subject areas. Above all else, we are committed to helping you succeed. Come see us today!
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