Learning Skills Tutoring

The Learning Skills Specialist can help you with...


Personal Organization
  • Create a weekly study schedule to keep you on track
  • Organize your notebook into convenient, easy-to-find sections
  • Define goals to improve motivation & reduce procrastination
  • Create a complete study system, from reading to lecture to test
Reading, Note taking & Study
  • Develop focus and concentration strategies, so you can get the most from your textbook
  • Strategize textbook note taking to retain information
  • Organize reading and lecture notes into study guides
Test Taking
  • Analyze past tests to identify your individual test-taking problems
  • Develop strategies to relax and reduce test anxiety
  • Prioritize most important material for your test
  • Help you create a paper with strong logic and good organization
  • Develop your skills for editing and self-reflection
  • Build your confidence and skills as a writer
English Language
  • Build your knowledge and comfort with English grammar
  • Develop your English language writing skills
  • Provide learning support for challenges unique to ENL coursework
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