Faculty Success Story

Melissa Gonzalez-McNeal, Instructor, Anatomy & Physiology

When my students feel overwhelmed, they know that The Learning Success Center is there for them as an additional resource. That really helps. Students really value their tutors. I think the peer tutors not only help them learn, but serve as valuable role models as students who went through the same classes and succeeded in them. These tutors can commiserate with their students; they know what they're going through.

For me, as a teacher, the Learning Success Center frees up my time. I can refer students there, knowing that for many of them, that's all the additional help they will need. Other students who want to work directly with me for help on the most difficult material will get more of my time. I have also learned tips from the LSC that I share with my students: how to use your five senses when studying, and how to make learning and studying an integral part of your daily life. I've also had learning specialists from the LSC deliver mini-lessons in my classroom on topics such as how to read a textbook effectively, how to take notes, or succeed on tests. These help my students stop feeling so overwhelmed.

For the students who approach me and say, I get C's in all my classes, no matter how much I study, I know I can send them to the LSC, where, in work with a Learning Specialist, they can improve their study skills and their performance in all of their classes.

I let students know about the LSC in my syllabus. In my biology 231 class, I give 10 extra-credit points (out of 1000 total points) to students who attend three tutoring sessions in the LSC during the year. This has encouraged many students to give the Learning Success Center a try. By the time students get to 232, about half the class already knows that the LSC is great, and they are going on their own.

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